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Vatican approves new tests to weed out ‘gay’ priests

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 31 Oct 2008, 2:24pm

    The priesthood is virtually extinct anyway. This will finish the job.

  2. Maybe they should carry out a seperate test to check if their priests are paedophiles, as that seems to crop up rather more often. If only they were as lenient with the gay priests as they have been with the paedophile priests (i.e. just moving them to different parishes) it wouldn’t smack so much of hypocracy.

  3. And if they apply it retrospectively? There’s going to be a massive shortage of priests in the future. And I entirely endorse the comment by flapjack…

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 Oct 2008, 4:45pm

    Now that its including heterosexual seminarians with “strong urges”, I wonder what they mean by that in the absence of any women in the seminary? What will be their criterion in determining how some heterosexual priests have “strong urges”? I hope it comes about, the RC cult is writing its own prescription for further decline and probable extinction, and that’s a good thing. Bring it on Benedict!

  5. Erroll Clements 31 Oct 2008, 4:58pm

    Will somebody please get rid of this two faced twat, he is not in touch of the real world and hasn’t a bloody clue what is going on. Priests celibate – yes unless they like little children, do as I preach but not as I do?!! Maybe they should run tests to see if they are going to be pedo’s as well, then there will be no priests left. What typical religious hypocracy, Hu-l-l-o, why are the churches empty.

  6. I presume Her Majesty’s Government will ban The Pope from entering the UK in the future [should he wish to] since he is clearly a ‘hate preacher’ ??????

  7. Benny, Benny, Benny, have you been necking the tixy lics on the sly again? Don’t you know that you will have to set an example and take the test yourself? What about your right hand man, Father Handsome shouldn’t he take it too? By the time you’re done there might only be the Swiss Guard left, and what strapping young men they are too!

  8. Rob Alexander 31 Oct 2008, 5:57pm

    The Church equates being gay with paedophilia, ‘cos nice hetersexual priests wouldn’t play around with children I suppose. The accumulation of centuries of homophobia, boulstered by biblical (i.e. tribal) nonsense. The liberals leave the Church; the remainder are the right-wingers – they’re mostly old biddies anyway.

  9. Paulo Nunes Jr 31 Oct 2008, 6:06pm

    Oh, seems that you didn’t get it! That’s exactly what the Vatican is trying to do with this new psychological tests link homosexuality to paedophilia once again, so that weeding out potential homosexual priests in the future will somehow reduce the cases and number of paedophiles.

    There is here in Italy a religous-nutter lame catholic medical doctor senator(old lady) Mrs Binetti, endorsing the new church’s guidelines making absolutely clear what exactly they intended to do, that is fully “combat” paedophilia. And yes, she still hasn’t lost her medical licenses!


  10. 1st test on the pope – he might not pass !!! especially after wearing red Prada shoes

  11. Vo Dong Cung 31 Oct 2008, 8:36pm

    The main point is “your priests are paedophiles” not homosexuality. Don’t turn around to make people forgetting the sexual abuses of the Roman Catholic Church. I need Pope Benedict XVI keep his eyes, ears opened and mouth shut on homosexuality.

  12. Could it be because 98% of the paedophile priests were Gay?

  13. john wilfred sharp 1 Nov 2008, 5:51am

    the vatican has long been the country with the largest number of pedophiles.the vatican is not a state it is a deception state , lying to the whole world for 2000 years and should be quarantined and starved . and take over by the Italian state .i as homosexual do not take the vatican for anything else than above said.time for the UN to shut this joke down.

  14. john wilfred sharp 1 Nov 2008, 5:52am

    believing in religion that is a real psychological disorder

  15. Rob Alexander 1 Nov 2008, 8:07am

    I would like to see where Nikki gets her statistics from – if the number of paedophile priests offending against boys were higher than those against girls, it’s only because they mostly had access to the boys. One reason the Catholic Church gives for condemning homosexuality is that it is not ‘natural’ – like being ‘celibate’ is natural?

  16. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Nov 2008, 4:11pm

    I wonder what Benedict the ugly one is going to do about the latin american priests who are fathering children? What about some of his hierarchy who have mistresses on the side? How’s he going to weed that out? What’s he going to do after “weeding” out all the gay seminarians and priests and finds that paedophilia and philandering still persists among his clergy and hierarchy alike? What does he say about the seminarians, priests and prelates who molest girls? Excuse them because they’re straight and dismiss it as paedophilia?

  17. George Douglas 2 Nov 2008, 11:57am

    I know such questions asked about your sexuality, asked for employment in UK is illegal, and most of Europe I guess too, well definitely all EEC members. As said b4 by someone the Vatican is totally out of touch with reality.

  18. Mike Smith 2 Nov 2008, 5:03pm

    HAAA!!! Hypocrisy at its best! “The tests must be voluntary, but refusing to undergo one would likely bar you from the priesthood.”

    My question for “His Hopelessness” along with all of his “henchmen” — if Homosexuality was such a big deal, why didn’t the son of God preach against it during his life on earth? Maybe they should focus more on what Jesus did teach — peace, tolerance, acceptance, care for the poor and love.

  19. When is the “Arch Homophobe of Rome” going to get off our case?with genocide and famine, wars and illness the RC church continues to get its proverbial knickers in a twist over Gays? And yes, they would be better off weeding out the child abusers and leaving the gays alone!

  20. On a lighter note! The test itself: one is reminded of the old schoolboy joke about the smeinarians standing naked in a row with bells tied to their members. An attractive young woman walks along the rank, also naked.

    All remains “calm” until she gets about halfway along the line, where one unfortunate lad’s bell goes into such a frenzy that it falls off.

    It’s when he bends over to retrieve it that the cacophany begins!

    Happy New Year to all!

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