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Bishop fails to stop same-sex parents as Embryology Bill passes final stage

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Nov 2008, 3:55pm

    Again, state religion interfering in the political process. About time we fought back by forming a movement to abolish it once and for all. You’ll see them rant and rave and cry discrimination. They need a dose of their own medicine. Let these parasites fend for themselves. Why should their chosen lifestyle receive government funding at taxayer expense? They should mind their own business and keep their noses out of our lives, out of our bedrooms and get their own house in order.

  2. This idiot wasn’t elected by anyone …. another example of why the upper House should be elected NOT appointed or have Members sitting as of some long outdated historical right.

  3. Who was it anticipated we’d have the bishops out of Lords within a matter of decades? I hope they’re right. They serve only as emotional stigma and proponents of defunct opinion and have no right to present any obstacle within the parliamentary process based on prejudiced subtext. It all seems suspiciously like opposition to black civil rights in the states; hopefully this means it’s just a waiting game.

  4. Robert Ex-Pat Brit, do you have a blog site? You should have, if you don’t. I, for one, would visit it. There are people who don’t like your views but there are many who do! So if you haven’t a blog site, do set one up and include your URL after any comments you leave here at The Pink. Google’s Blogger seems quite good. You could use the articles on The Pink and at Queerty as stimuli for your postings on your blog.

    This youngish bishop in his self-aggrandising crimson drag just makes me despair over the existence of this supernatural-believing freaks!

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