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THT increases democratic base with free membership scheme

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Reader comments

  1. Wrong! THT most certainly does NOT have a democratic base, as they proved at the last CHAPS conference in March where rowdy THT and other HIV charity reps shouted down an independent speaker (a former Boyz writer) who was invited to the conference to talk about how charties like THT have failed in their distorted (i.e. politically correct) approach to HIV prevention, and how they have effectively CONTRIBUTED to the spiralling rates of HIV infection with their dishonest campaigns and policies which encourage more than they prevent risk-filled promiscuous sex. It was the same day, ironically enough, that Dr. Chris Jenssen said very much the same thing to The Metro (i.e. today’s HIV campaigns don’t work), and when the speaker mentioned Dr. Chris’s comments, one of the THT rabble shouted back “He’s only an AIDS doctor, what does HE know?!” The speaker continued to be heckled and torn to shreds by this lynch mob of HIV charity henchmen to the clear embarrassment and discomfort of others present, and finally left the stage visibly shaken. You call this approach democratic? These people will only hear you out if your words are distorted by the cult of political correctness, to which they subscribe. Truth just doesn’t stand a chance where they are concerned!