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Queen of Spain speaks out against gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Yet further proof that the royle families of Eurup are inbread

    1. .....Paddyswurds 30 Oct 2013, 11:28am

      Yet further proof that the Royal families of Europe are inbred **…. even

  2. The usual catholic bigotry

  3. Monarchs are unelected dictators. Many monarchs from Spain to Saudi Arabia to Brunei have horrible human rights records. Spains monarchy gave its blessing to the Inquisition – that tells you everything you need to know.

  4. Christina Engela 30 Oct 2008, 8:49pm

    “I can understand, accept and respect that there are people of other sexual tendencies, but should they be proud to be gay?”

    Comments such as this reveal a plain disregard for the rights of other groups to co-exist in equality. i.e. by this statement it is insinuated that “to be straight is something to be proud of” while “being GLBTIQ is something that should be ashamed of”. This person clearly needs an education in human rights and in the history of gender/sexual orientation hate crimes – and in the current revelations of medial science regarding the nature and imutibility of gender and sexual orientation.

    Of course Pride events and movements are a necessity – they are a means to show solidarity in the face of bigotry and hate, they show the world around us that we exist, that there are many of us, that we are people just like them – and that we aren’t afraid of them anymore.

    The same can be said of being proud of who we are – for millenia straight cultures have forced an often self-imposed socio-religious guilt complex on us. Now they are shocked to see that we can actually find something in ourselves to be proud of – it just shows how little these heterosexist bigots think of us.

    Posting such inflamtory statements simply divides a society just getting used to change and a taste of equality.

    As a head of state and a public figure she should know better.

  5. Queenie, dearest, maybe you’ve done your dash love? If you haven’t noticed the dark age is over. Decade upon decade of attitudes like yours is precisely why we need to be proud, why we choose to be visable, to be counted. It’s our way of saying we won’t be silent, we won’t be ‘normal’, it’s our way of saying biggoted old relics like you can take a royal jump into your royal moat. How about you move aside for a leader with the desire to unite the people of Spain rather than divide? Your comments are reckless, arrogant and frankly not very becoming of a queen. Shame on you.

  6. Wisdom is not hereditary – it’s time to get rid of these unelected heads of state.

  7. It seems she doesn’t want any competition for her title.

  8. It seems she doesn’t want the competition for her title.

  9. If she is so against marriage, maybe she should divorce her crown.

  10. How ironic that this old Queen is so anti queens(!) You wouldn’t get this from the Queens of Denmark or Holland!

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 Oct 2008, 1:35pm

    Good, let her rant, it will only bring about the demise of parasites who serve absolutely no purpose and sponge off the taxpayers and the state. Monarchies are anachronisms that should be abolished, they have no relevance to modern day living and are NOT democratic, just like the religious denominations that prop them up. Abandon momarchy and state religion! I’m sure her preference for civil unions instead of marriage get a lot of support from our own gay anti same-sex marriage proponents, Stonewall notwithstanding. I can hear the cheers!

  12. Bill Perdue 31 Oct 2008, 1:48pm

    The royals, Juan Carlos and Sofia and their monarchy were restored by Franco in 1969. Franco’s fascists abolished the Republic during the bloody civil war in the late 1930’s when, with the support of Mussolini and Hitler, Franco’s Falangistas murdered roughly 500,000 trade unionists, socialists and other supporters of the republic.

    In 1969 Time magazine quoted Franco as saying, “Conscious of my responsibility before God and history and taking into account the qualities to be found in the person of Prince Juan Carlos of Borbón, who has been perfectly trained to take up the high mission to which he might be called, I have decided to propose him to the nation as my successor.”

    Juan Carlos is a willing tool of the Vatican and the CIA, is hostile to GLBT folks and to revolutions in Latin America. For those and other crimes, including his collusion with fascism, Juan Carlos and the royals deserve the hatred of decent people everywhere.

    Napoleons biggest mistake, after becoming Emporer, was to neglect to shave the neck of every royal and aristocrat in Europe with the National Razor. They are rallying points for the right

    It seems that in terms of same sex marriage Sofia and the Tories speak the same language – the bigoted language of the christian cultist opposed to same sex marriage and eager to treat us as second class citizens.

  13. Father George 31 Oct 2008, 2:14pm

    There’s a disclaimer in El Pais… the Casa del Rey is quoted dismissingly talking of “Afirmaciones inexactas hechas en el ámbito privado”; inexact claims made in a private context… with the sub-title: “La Reina lamenta el malestar creado por el libro.” The Queen laments the bad feelings caused by this book.

    So I ask How far can this book be trusted?

    The periodista in question is said to be an Opus Dei numerary… living in abstinence… This can be a revenge of sorts for the Queens’s part in the 1976 Reforma política.

  14. Also the hatemongers, the Christian right, the fundamentalists of all religions are at a loss to explain why it is that those countries that have adopted full legal rights for gay people to marry in equality with every other citizen have not seen a wrathful god smite them down or their respective social orders disintergrate. So much for fire and brimstone eh? The Queen should know better than to make political statements.

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 Oct 2008, 4:50pm

    Bill, Sofia has indeed proclaimed the second class nature of civil unions by advocating them. Stonewall UK and all the anti same-sex marriage haters in the UK will be ecstatic I’m sure, now they have an European monarch backing them.

  16. I know no Queens who behave like that BASTA Queenie!

  17. Don Juan and Dona Sofia all but jumped into bed with General Franco, so her remarks shouldn’t surprise anyone. Her maternal uncles, where German Nazi officers and her Mother, was in the Hitler Youth.
    Sofia is equally as facist as they were!

  18. she is a crazy old royal bitch. and is going crazy…. lol.

  19. Steve Hope 3 Nov 2008, 11:49am

    Esta crítica abierta por la reina de una ley aprobada por el
    parlamento espanyol oficialmente en el nombre del rey muestra una grave falta de entendimiento del papel de la monarquía en un país democrático. Se sabe que el marido de Sofía tiene algunas opiniones bien reaccionarias, pero no las expresa públicamente y su discreción ha contribuido mucho al éxito de la nueva Espanya democrática.
    Que la reina también confiese que no entiende porqué una minoría históricamente oprimida se manifieste públicamente revela una vida privilegiada e irreal comparada con otras.
    The queen’s open criticism of a law passed by the Spanish Parliament officially in the name of the king shows a serious lack of understanding of the role of the monarchy in a democratic country. It is known that Sofía’s husband has some fairly reactionary opinions, but he doesn’t express them publicly and his discretion has contributed a lot to the success of the new democratic Spain.
    That the queen should admit to not understanding why a historically oppressed minority should demonstrate publicly reveals an unreal and privileged life compared with others.

  20. this is sexist, u are a homophobic person , you do not deserve to be a queen. my hairdresser is gay and he is a really nice person! :)

  21. stephen kay 14 Apr 2009, 4:35pm

    Time for scrapping royalty completely. Its as outdated as homophobia is!!

  22. Was Franco a born again christian? – looks like it, but in a different gender.

    How about a million person counterprotest, with most people carrying a cross, with the 4 ends having right angle short pieces attached to them. I don’t think hitler will complain about his masterwork copyright being violated.

  23. She’s a Greek, and she would be a queen without a country if she hadn’t married into the Spanish royal house. She should be supportive of all of the social and political strides that Spain has made since the days of Francisco Franco.

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  26. Queen Sophia is the sister of King Constantine of Greece exiled (to London) by the Greek people for his support of the putsch and subsequent rule by the fascist Greek Colonels.Sophia and Constantine are cousins of the Duke of Edinburgh.So now you know the pedigree,do the anti-gay sentiments come as a surprise?

    She needs to exercise care however,King Carlos represents a constitutional monarchy that is not that secure.My guess is that Prince Felipe the heir to the throne may well not share his mother’s views.

  27. .....Paddyswurds 30 Oct 2013, 11:34am

    Just one more xtian bigot, even worse she belongs to the Roman Catholic Paedophile Cult, so hasn’t any room to judge anyone, so no surprise there. The woman looks like sex is something far in her past if ever and is now projecting her loneliness on to who ever she thinks may be living their lives a they see fit healthy and happy.

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