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Little Britain panders to hatred and homophobia, claims academic

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Reader comments

  1. I thought the whole idea of Dafyd was that no one in the Village was worried about Gays except him and he has internal homophobia; or have I got the wrong end of this particular stick??

  2. I thought the whole idea about Dafyd is that no one is bothered by him being Gay except himself; thats the joke? It like “How Very Dare You!” Derek Faye in Catherine Tate. People actually like him and want advise from him. Its the same satire as Goodness Gracious me, with the two Asian Couples pretending they are not Asians; pure satire!

  3. Academics can be so stupid … not that the woman is mentally impaired, but she’s so steeped in academia that she can’t see the humor in the program. Needless to say, I’m glad I don’t have to try to make dinner conversation with her, because I think I’d be bored senseless.

  4. theotherhalf 30 Oct 2008, 6:23pm

    actually she speaks sense but still doesn’t see the wood for the trees.

    what she says about certain characters are true but she doesn’t see the blatant misogyny, transphobia, hatred of the disabled and people with learning disabilities.

    Little Britain is mainstream Mother-in-Law jokes dressed up as post-modern humor. don’t make me laugh.

  5. Deborah Finding seems to have missed the point that the British, unlike some other nations, love to laugh at themselves.
    Little Britain seems to represent most areas of society and, to me doesn’t seem homophobic anymore than it is ageist or anything else. Whilst all humour finds its roots in tragedy, the ridiculous and outrageous nature of these shows only serves to make them funnier.

  6. theotherhalf 30 Oct 2008, 6:42pm

    no c c-t: Little Britain loves to laugh at Trannies, at women, at the Disabled…

  7. Mike, worry not, you have it right. On first viewing, I was disturbed by the character but then saw the joke that he revels in his imagined oppression and uniqueness and is consequently very put out to find that no-one cares he is gay and that almost everyone else is too. Very funny.

    Ms Finding is trying to be helpful – which is nice – but is trying too hard in this instance.

  8. Steve Hope 6 Nov 2008, 9:05pm

    She has a point in this sense: the lampooned characters will not be seen ‘ironically’ by millions of not very sophisticated people whose prejudices are directly given expression by the stereotypes represented. Daffyd is a clear case in point – the real joke is that a small rural community like his, which is completely indifferent and even supportive towards his homosexuality, simply wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, politicized lgbts and their straight allies are probably the only ones who ‘get it’. To countless others it will be simply about a ‘funny fat fairy’. The art is to educate without being humourless – not an easy call.

  9. Living on the other side of the pond (in Florida) I must say that Little Britain is a spectacular show — and I agree with C C-T: Ms Finding needs to find a life. She has missed the point. As an academic she thinks people below her educational level are… dumb.

  10. Allow a non-brit (resident of Florida) to comment: Little Britain is a spectacular show. Ms Finding’s observations remind me of TV critics who made similar disparaging remarks about “All in the Family” — I agree with CC-T: Ms. Finding needs to find herself, instead of disparaging the mental abilities of non-academic, less educated folk, to discern what Little Britain is all about. She is way off mark.

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