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Stonewall Scotland to investigate gay brain drain

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Reader comments

  1. Yknow I dont think its just rural Scotland. Having grown up in a very isolated part of England there’s no one who’s openly gay whome I went to school with who still lives theres. Why? Because 1)Its harder to be gay there & 2) When you see other gay guys and gals heading for citis filled with gay guys and gals, you end up wanting the same.

  2. I left school in rural Scotland in 1967, the year homosexuality was decriminalised in England. Scotland did not get round to it until 1980 – one of many reasons why I fled to London in 1967. Stonewall Scotland have done great work over the years and Edinburgh now , for example, is a completely different place than it was then. But there are still many frightened, cautious and lonely people in rural areas right across the country. Attitudes lag way behing legislation and every step forward has to be fought so hard for and against so many opponents.

  3. theotherhalf 29 Oct 2008, 5:32pm

    they want to know?

    Well I grew up in ruralish surroundings and I’d have been (literally) killed if i’d have stayed.

  4. I don’t thik this needs a massive survey. In fact, I can come up with a pretty good hypothesis in 20 seconds:

    If 3% of a population of 20,000 is gay, and out of that a tiny proportion within reasonable travelling distance is around your age and available; then you’re only attracted to a fraction of that number. And there’s only a small proportion of those peoople you actually get on with and on your kind of level. So who’s left?

    There happens to be a better mating pool in big city centres, and anyone who fancies his chances knows (s)he is much more likely to find a compatible, significant other, and more likeminded friends there. No matter how open minded you make places like the Outer Hebrides.

    I suggest you simply go to a bookshop, spend £8.99 on ‘The Selfish Gene’ – and learn about how gay people, just like anyone else, are driven by DNA, with the ultimate purpose of mating!

  5. I couldn’t wait to get out of Wales!

  6. I think people moving to the city for the sole purpose of sex is a bit of a simplification, Adrian. I think this is certainly worth of more investigation. It will be interesting to see the make up of gay people living in rural areas who have migrated from cities, as I am aware of a lot of middle aged and older couples doing so.

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