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More celebs come out in support of gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Is this the 2000s marriage revolution starting in the USA – for sure it makes a worldwide big splash on the internet – in every countries.
    Is this the new “stonewall” – is this the new 70s marches for freedom.
    The BIG american gay community is once again talking for the gays in the world and making these election a true religion/lgbt marathon in California.
    Same sex marriage – the whole package – non civil union – no bla bla – no bull shit – just EQUALITY
    They have the $$$$$ and the volume to speak BIG –
    For me – I am a witness for a revolution starting in California – speaking for me – for you
    Because lets face it – they do have their Civil Partnership in place and all the rights – but lets drop our hats – the Americans want the real think – equality equality equality
    And lets hope they are showing the world what is right and what is deserved
    Go Go Go California