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Two arrested in Neo-Nazi assassination plot against Obama

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Reader comments

  1. Violent, hateful, comically inept dimwits. The new Republican base in a nutshell.

  2. Chris, I think linking a neo-nazi skinhead organisation to the republican base is stretching it somewhat (though Mick Huckabee’s speech about flying the confederate flag over the south carolina capitol last january arguably pandered to sick minds like this)

    Disturbingly, they seem to be one of a huge number of hate groups according to Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors them….

  3. I was wondering when the racist backlash would start in ernest. Sarah Palin’s negative campaign has been pandering to the latent racist streak that runs through certain factions of the USA electorate by labeling Obama as a muslim (erroneously) for cheap political points. It was just a matter of time before some loose cannon thought “let’s do a JFK style assasination”.
    Racism, like homophobia is always lurking somewhere, you only have to scratch the surface to discover what some people are really thinking.

  4. Adrian — It’s a cheap shot, true, but then the Republicans deserve all the cheap shots they get for the way they’ve run this country into the ground.

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