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Leading Muslim doctor faces professional conduct hearing over homophobic letter

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 28 Oct 2008, 2:54pm

    The contact person in the Walsall Primary Care TRust to make a complaint is a woman named Heather Lloyd. Why not write to her at to suggest that this homophobic doctor be removed from him position. If he holds these views about homosexuality he is not fit for office

  2. Simon Murphy 28 Oct 2008, 3:06pm

    The contact person at the Walsall PCT is called Heather Lloyd. PLease contact her at to express your disgust for Siddiq and to ask what disciplinary action they are going to take over this bigot’s facist views.

  3. Simon Murphy 28 Oct 2008, 3:12pm

    And the General Medical Counciil who is investigating this incident can also be contacted as follows:
    Doctors’ fitness to practise:
    0845 357 0022

    Standards & Ethics enquiries
    (please do not use this number for Registration enquiries)

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 Oct 2008, 3:15pm

    His son wrote it? Please! Maybe Jacqui Smith’s new legislation to bar immigrants from entering the UK who come to stir up hatred should be applied to Siddiq if he’s a naturalised Brit. Rescind his citizenship and return him back from whence he came. Why do western leaders keep defending the “great religion of Islam”? Since when is any religion deemed great when calling for the death of those who renounce it and those who happen to be gay? That is worthy of greatness? Hardly! Absurd to say the least.

  5. To be fair Robert, the fact he is Muslim really has bugger all to do with it – regardless of his religious beliefs, he is a doctor and should practice in line with his Professional Code of Conduct.

    I certainly don’t defend this man’s actions – nor anyone else who allows their own religious or political beliefs to affect their work – but I don’t see why his religion is specific to this. I know plety of Muslims, Catholics, Christians etc who are supportive of gay people and in no way homophobic. We shouldn’t use other people’s homophobia to excuse our own prejudices.

  6. well i’ve just written to Heather Lloyd and the GMC. I am disgusted but not surprised. I long ago stopped using NHS GP’s and instead use a private gay GP in London precisely because i experienced this kind of homophobia in the NHS, almost always from dpctors who had not trained in Britain and who had brought their cultural ignorance with them from Africa or the Indian sub-continent. It’s very likely that if someone had studied medicine in Pakistan or Nigeria they are not going to have the same level of sensitivity towards gay issues as a doctor who has trained in the west. This is certainly not about the colour of the doctor’s skin, the best NHS doctors i’ve ever had have been British Asians, it’s about the cultural/religious baggage that some doctors who trained outside the UK bring with them, and the NHS has to send a very clear signal that it is NOT acceptable

  7. theotherhalf 28 Oct 2008, 6:23pm

    his son wrote it and forced him to sign it?

    the first draft said Queers should get better treatment?

    a case of ‘i see no cherry tree’ becoming ‘cherry trees do not exist.’

  8. That’s fine, Andy, if you can afford a private doctor.

  9. Just another proof how homophobic and disgusting the muslim faith is!

  10. His religion shouldn’t be dragged into it; this is a simple case of bigotry. He should be dealt with in the same manner as anybody else who professes hatred and intolerance of others. Words like “They are causing the spread of disease with their irresponsible behaviour. They are the root of many sexually transmitted diseases.” also call into question his fitness to practice. If he does not know that the largest and fastest-growing demographic of people with HIV and other STI’s is young heterosexual people then what on earth is he doing as a GP? The “root” of an STI is a virus or bacterium, not homosexuality.

    I am interested to know in what context did he refer to his trans patient as “twisted”?

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit – do you think that all immigrants who disapprove of homosexuality should be deported? Personally, I think the right of free expression trumps the right of gay people to not be offended every time. Illiberal liberalism is a pretty ugly thing.

  12. Martin Turner 30 Oct 2008, 2:53pm

    I can’t comment on the case while the hearing is taking place. However, Heather Lloyd is not the contact person for complaints at NHS Walsall. The correct email is . You can also find this on our website, . Thanks. Martin Turner (Head of Communications)

  13. Bill Perdue 31 Oct 2008, 2:22pm

    . If it’s found that he wrote the letter Dr. Muhammad Siddiq should lose his license to practice medicine and be barred for medical research and related activities. He’s not capable of making ethical decisions about the well being of his patients because he’s subscribes to cultist bigotry.

    In spite of uninformed comments like “Just another proof how homophobic and disgusting the muslim faith is!” what this really proves is that the deeper one’s faith in superstition, especially the deeply delusional christist and islamist flavors, the more likely one is to commit unethical, unprofessional and life threatening acts.

    All medical personnel, legal workers, police officers and others who perform work for the public who stupidly express homophobic, racist or misogynist remarks have demonstrated their unfitness and should lose their jobs permanently. And that includes those scumbag firemen that twisted sisters so hot for.

  14. His son wrote it for him and forced him to sign it?!? What, at gunpoint? That has to be the lamest excuse for a homophobic slur and it smacks of sheer cowardice.
    Not only did he make the comment of his own free will, he’s too spineless to take the rap. If he’s so worried about the litter problem, perhaps he should become a street cleaner once he’s struck off.

  15. terence hughes 4 Nov 2008, 11:30pm

    if a christian doctor said somthing such as ‘ iaslm is a mental illness and is the cause of most wars and violence in the 21st century’ he/she would be struck off, why is 12 months ok for such rancid homophobic remarks, if he is this biggoted towards th LBTG communicity how can he give equal healthcare, what would happen if a white nazi doctor was to give healthcare to someone of colour?

  16. Thats preposterous the lame excuse of his son writing it and ‘force’ him to sent it!!!What? like the hate which is forced upon non believers and other religions? Expressing such discust in a public paper is dangerous and inciteful. This man who calls himself part of the medical profession sould have his citizenship revoked and be sent back. The British public will never allow a seperate Islamic court, and our society’s woman will never be ‘forced’ to wear headwear. To live a life in fear is not worth living at all and we know it!

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