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Relationships counsellor who refuses gay couples to go to tribunal

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Reader comments

  1. “this could force other christians out of counselling” Good riddance! i particularly like the line “Relate needs to be FORCED to work through these issues” NO. christians need to be forced to work through these issues, they are the ones with the problem.

  2. I don’t mind anybody believing in any old magical mystical person/deity. However, they cannot usurp basic human rights. Sack all of these homophobic bigots. Of course we all realise this person will have been put up to this by some loony american extremist group. I hope the tribunal finds against him. His job, was not to judge, regardless of his personal beliefs. Would he because of his ‘christian’ beliefs have refused to counsel two divorcees who are re-married.

    This is blatant homophobia, and the guy deserved at the very least to be sacked.

  3. “If I was a Muslim this would not happen,” Mr McFarlane claimed

    Er, no, Mr. McFarlane, what you should have said is “”If I was intellignet this would not happen”

  4. Christians seem to have fewer and fewer rights.

    Or in English: Christians seem to have fewer and fewer opertunities for preferential treatment.

  5. More self-pity from yet another Christian bigot. It’s time they realised, there is no room for intolerance and bigotry – if people cannot do their job fully and fairly, they are not qualified for that role.

  6. I am glad he has indicated that he is unfit to deal with LGB people, in terms of their sexual practice in single sex relationships. As a counsellor he has a perfect right to indicate that he would not be best placed to deal with individuals when he can’t get his head around it. However, he should not hide behind the claim that as a Christian this is against his beliefs. I’m a gay man who sees himself as Christian and I don’t have homophobia as a belief!

  7. To be fair – he cannot claim to be discriminated against because he is a Christian – in my experience many christians are fine with the gay issue – so it must be something more than that; perhaps it is that he is homophobic??

    End of story.

  8. What I find interesting from these extreme ‘christians’ is that they can never resist aiming a kick at other religious groups (usually muslims) whenever they denigrate gay people. Lack of charity overall I suspect.

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