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Nuns and Irish parents are reasons I call people fags claims Leary

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  1. I find it odd that a person who made a career as a comedian, does not believe in the power of words. It’s a bit like a preacher not believing in God really. Though had he read, for instance, the Bible or Mein Kampf – he might come to a different conclusion.

    Leary’s reasoning is piss poor: ‘we’d hate you even if you weren’t black’ – is a plea for exhonoration from the accusation of bigotry, or racism; ‘matt dillon is a fag’ however, that is clearly an incitement to bigotry, especially given ‘fag’ is an insulting term, and ‘black’ is not.

    I want to know from this moron, since he does not believe in the power of words, what stopped him from using the word ‘n*****r’.

    And futhermore, would he be equally prepared to be derogatory about Muslims, Catholics, and their respective religious icons quite as easily? If not, then I can only assume, Leary thinks gay people fair game because he can get away with it more easily. After all, gay people aren’t going to blow themselves and a train load of others up because of some third-rate hollywood actor’s comments are they?

    What applies to one section of society, must apply to all: if you’re going to be obnoxious, at least be an equal opportunist about it.

  2. Gay and Proud 27 Oct 2008, 5:52pm

    A grown man blaming his poor choice of language on the discipline he recived as a child is utter rubish.People should not use derogatory names period! Hey Dennis I have a word I would love to call you and like your given name it starts with D! Unfortunately I refuse to sink to your level.

  3. In Ireland we call guys like this ASSHOLES …. but after we apologise to those similarly-named anatomical features which perform a necessary function. Maybe Mr Leary doesn’t have that particular anatomical feature which would explain why he’s so full of shit!!!!!!

  4. By coincidence AndySam that is exactly what Mr Leary calls himself in his standup act. His signature themesong is “I’m an asshole”. I guess he’s just trying to beat us to the punch…
    BTW for those who can’t place him, he’s best known in the UK as the voice of Diego the Sabretooth tiger in “Ice Age”. I know all this because a flatmate at college was a big fan.
    Most of his act is a direct lift from Bill Hicks.

  5. Simon Murphy 28 Oct 2008, 10:54am

    Does Leary also use the word ‘nigger’ or ‘kike’ as insults? I somehow doubt it. He’s just an uneducated, unamusing troll.

  6. AndySam- by sheer co-incidence ‘asshole’ is actually what Mr. Leary calls himself at the top of his standup routine “No Cure For Cancer”, in his signature song of the same name. I guess he was trying to beat us to the punch, as much of his act resembles a right wing rant, albeit slightly tongue in cheek. Many of his best routines were lifted almost verbatim from Bill Hicks.
    He’s best known this side of the pond for a Carling Drink Drive commercial and being the voice of “Diego” the sabretooth tiger in “Ice Age”
    I know this because my flatmate at college was a huge fan.
    I still can’t decide if he’s funny or just plain abrasive, as it’s difficult to tell if you’re supposed to be laughing with him or at him.

  7. Taken out of context, Dennis Leary’s comments DO sound extremely offensive – they’re SUPPOSED to! His routines are bitingly satirical takes on reactionary white, working-class male American attitudes. He’s just as ‘offensive’ about every other social group – including, and especially, white American males!

  8. Daddy Bear 29 Oct 2008, 5:39pm

    It’s called semantic saturation. It was what fueled Lenny Bruce to challenge taboos and the uptight establishment of the 50’s and early 60’s. The more you use a word, the less esoteric meaning it holds. It falls out of the forbidden lexicon and into the mainstream where its power is diminished. Words, in and of the themselves, are only as potent as the will of the speaker and the weakness of the listener. This isn’t Dune in which words are magical and lethal.

    Words are just air. And if you are offended by every little puff or breeze, you are the one with the issues. When thoughts turn from breaths to actions, that is cause for alarm. I will take someone’s verbal opinion, positive or negative, over a truncheon to the head any day.

  9. theotherhalf 29 Oct 2008, 5:53pm

    come on, this guy aims to cause offense! I’ve found his humor (I’ve not heard him in about 6 -7 years though) abrasive and not as clever as he thinks but still enjoyably annoying.

    In the end the but of his jokes was always himself.

    Just remember folks: this is a man who called a stand up show ‘No Cure For Cancer.’

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