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Mandelson reveals he first met Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska in 2004

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Piper 27 Oct 2008, 3:51pm

    Leave the lad alone- the press love to have witch hunts after this clever fellow.He has his faults- who hasn’t? but he has done a great job in Europe, and given a chance will do the same for the UK.Some in the media will find fault with himn whatever he does.

  2. To say that Peter Mandelson “has his faults” is like saying that Peter Sutcliffe “has issues with women.” The man is a congenital stranger to the truth. Gay or not, he’s just appalling.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Oct 2008, 8:18am

    When Mr Mandelson filled in a Britannia Building Society mortgage form to buy the house in 1996 he had failed to mention a loan from his colleague George Robinson (which had been provided at a knock down rate). Nor did it appear on his entry in the Commons Register of Interests.

    After joining the Cabinet he also did not bring the loan to the attention of his Permanent Secretary, even though Mr Robinson’s business links were at that time under investigation by Mr Mandelson’s own department. This is what most rational people refer to as a ‘conflict of interest’.

    When he had responsibility for the Millennium Dome, accusations erupted that he helped the Indian billionaire Srichand Hinduja to secure a British passport in return for a £1 million donation to help fund the Dome’s Faith Zone. When the story broke Mr Mandelson said an inquiry about Mr Hinduja’s passport application had been dealt with by his Private Secretary, not him personally, and led to the Prime Minister’s spokesman Alastair Campbell misleading the media, with Chris Smith, doing the same with MPs in the Commons.

    It transpired from Home Office records that Mr Mandelson had personally telephoned the Home Office Minister. Their conversation related to whether a passport application from Mr Hinduja would be reconsidered. Mr O’Brien confirmed having had a conversation with Mr Mandelson on the subject. This is what most people would consider ‘buying’ a passport.

    As Britain’s trade commissioner, Peter Mandelson, was then the subject of an official rebuke after refusing to reveal details of meetings with industry lobbyists. The EU’s watchdog issued the formal censure last week after a two-year investigation into Mandelson’s refusal to name the lobbyists he had met.

    The European ombudsman ruled that Mandelson’s office had been “wrongly blanking out the names of industry lobbyists” in documents released to the public. It said that “disclosure of names of individual lobbyists is essential”. The failure to reveal this information “would constitute an instance of maladministration by the commission”.
    (Sunday Times July 29, 2007). This is what most people would consider ‘taking a backhander on the quiet’

    It was first said the Mandie had met a Russian aluminium billionaire, Mr Deripaska, once or twice in 2006 and 2007. Now it transpires that they first met in 2004 and had bumped into each other on “several occasions” since, including, of course, aboard the Oligarch’s yacht moored off Corfu last summer.

    We are also assured there was absolutely no impropriety in these contacts (yeah right): the fact that Mr (now Lord) Mandelson was the EU Trade Commissioner with overall responsibility for tariff policy and Mr Deripaska was a businessman seeking to break into the European market was just one of those things. The Russian was exempted from an EU tariff on aluminium foil, to its considerable financial advantage.

    In view of this timing, it is noteworthy that the first statement about the contacts between the two men sought to give the impression that they first met after that decision was taken. However Lord Mandelson promises to be more careful in future. I suspect this means he’ll try harder not to get found out. This is what most people would consider a ‘conflict of interest’ and ‘taking a backhander’

    “He has his faults ….” – scarcely could you find a more crooked old f**ker.

    ‘….done a great job in Europe ….’ – for no one more so than himself.

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