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Organisers delighted at success of LGBT Muslim conference

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Reader comments

  1. There is not one single openly gay person in all of the Islamic countries. Not one single openly gay person. How come? Because Islam is the most homofobic religion in the world.

  2. Well done for a successful & peaceful conference! xx

  3. john wilfred sharp 25 Oct 2008, 5:53am

    well we can but praise the courage of these gay Muslims.
    they face death from various strange laws for another day and time .
    but the reality is Islam kills gay daily .Christianity fears little better as mors religious bigots want us dead too

  4. Islam is not good in any sense – a disgusting religion that we should fight against, not embrace!

  5. Pav Akhtar 30 Oct 2008, 3:58pm

    Martin, you’re being ridiculous.

    Of course there are openly LGBT people in Islamic countries. I wonder how many you have actually visited before you made yourself such an authority to make such generalisations?

    And of course, Islam per se, is not a “disgusting religion” in itself. I accept there are some Muslims – just as there are some non-Muslims, or non-religious people – who are not good because of how they choose to interpret and practice Islam, but that does not mean you can generalise about the religion in the irresponsible manner in which you do.

    Perhaps you would have benefitted from leaving your dark room and attending the Imaan conference to confront your own prejudices? There’s always next year.


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