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Malaysia’s Muslims ban lesbian sex and other “masculine behaviour”

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Reader comments

  1. Gays should never go and spend money in countries like Malaysia and India, that ban homosexuality. They don’t deserve our money!

  2. Apart from the disgusting ignorance and bigotry of any country that tries to ban homosexuality, this story particularly pisses me off. A woman making love to another woman is NOT ‘masculine behaviour’. How stupid are these people? I might be a lesbian but, thinking of me and my straight female friends, I’m by far the most feminine. Trying to compartmentalise behaviours as masculine or feminine is utterly, utterly ignorant. I’ll have a go, shall I? OK, – being overly interested in what other people do is ‘feminine behaviour’ so any man who exhibits this should be punished. Yep, load of crap, isn’t it? We can all justify victimising people we don’t like, but most of us realise it’s wrong and get a grip on ourselves. I can’t believe this is still going on in the 21st century. Does it really matter what other people do as long as they’re consenting adults and don’t harm anyone?
    And what insecurities must prejudiced people like this have that they’re constantly criticising others and making idiotic pronouncements on the rights or wrongs not just of their behaviour, but WHO they are.
    ‘Angry’ doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel…
    I try to be respectful of all religions, but I can’t help thinking the world would be a nicer place if people didn’t have religion to help them hate other people.

  3. My partner is Malaysian, I always find it difficult to understand his adherance to Islam in light of his sexuality. As far as he can explain it, being gay in Malaysia is OK as long as no-one finds out about it, but that still makes our relationship a bit like a scene from “La Cage aux Folles” when relatives come to visit. It can be a diplomatic nightmare.
    The other thing he tells me is that if you’re the active partner in the relationship, you still get to claim to be straight as you’re adopting the ‘male’ role. I don’t claim to understand the logic behind that either.

  4. Sadly yet another example of how backward and barbaric these countries dominated by Islam are. Islam and modern secular values are completely incompatible and I don’t care how many PC do gooders disagree with me – the truth is plain to see.

    Agree with Martin – gay people should avoid homophobic countries at all costs.

  5. Sadly yet another example of how socially backward Islamic countries are and problems religion in general causes the world – it breeds hatred, misery, bigotry and war. I feel deeply sorry for gays and lesbains who have to live under the yoke of a cruel and medieval culture.

  6. Islam is an extremely powerful religion, very homofobic, we should fight it, not embrace it!

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