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I won’t do it again, promises ‘gay wedding’ vicar

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  1. While the Anglican church has a difficult position on gay relationships, it is not the only church in the UK, let alone the world. It is one denomination among many Christian faiths.

    One church denomination which openly welcomes gay people and blesses gay relationships with joy is the Metropolitan Community Church, which is in fact worldwide. Find your local MCC church here:

    There are many sexuality/spirituality resources on the website, and I’ve found the services to be enlightening. The first time I went for a service in the North London church, I was told by one of the deacons “we celebrate our sexuality as a gift from God”.

    I have found a spiritual home in which I and my partner are accepted without question. I encourage you all to find peace here too.

  2. the adulterousnpriest who wants gays tatooed is given a slap on the wrist

    the priest who places the union of two (gay) people is inquisitated

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