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Hate preacher demands death penalty for Mr Gay UK convicted of murder

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Reader comments

  1. “”I don’t like the idea of putting a man to death any more than the worst humanistically-minded liberal,” Mr Green said in a statement.”

    Yeah…right. I’m pretty sure he got off on it somehow, otherwise why make a statement to that effect. If the truth be told Stephen Green would probably enjoy a good biblical stoning for the mentally ill on a weekend if it wasn’t for wishy washy liberals vetoing his new world order.
    In truth I don’t see a world of difference between his own bloodlust and that of Anthony Morley, barring that Stephen Green has yet to act out his sick little fantasy.
    Put a sock in it Stephen, you’re an embarrassment.

  2. Christina Engela 24 Oct 2008, 4:14pm

    I dont know where this character comes from – or what kind of screwed up childhood he suffered – but when i see a rainbow, no matter how religious my inspirations may (or may not) be – the last thing i am ever, ever reminded of is “God’s institution of the nation state and of true justice is still in force”! Come on, man – get real!

    And as for “The Bible says ‘a life for a life’ because only the life of the murderer can restore the wrong that has been done when innocent blood is shed!” Sheer horse manure! NO amount of blood can ever restore the wrong that shed innocent blood. It is merely for revenge – which the very same God supposedly claims is his!

    While I certainly feel the convicted killer deserves his life sentence, and possibly even a death sentence, were it handed down – I find Mr Green is baying for blood on the basis of sexuality and his hatred of GLBT folk. Would he be loitering outside the court were the perpetrator a hetero? I wonder. His comments are offensive and inspire assertions from me that I am most certainly “not made in the image of God” – most certainly NOT any god that such a bigot would worship!

  3. What a tedious person. I wish we could somehow find a way to open that portal he stepped through and send him back to the Dark Ages.

  4. This man is seriously inappropriate. Using such a tragic event as a platform for his sick political ideas is disturbing and disrespectful towards the families of all those who have suffered in this horrible story.

    Also, I’m not big on the idea that those who hate gays are closeted homosexuals but… “rough trade”?? He’s certainly down with the lingo. And what with getting all inspired by a rainbow…

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Oct 2008, 5:24pm

    Valerio, there is often truth in the fact that many gay-haters are closet cases themselves, not all, but many, so don’t rule it out. We have enough of them in America voting for conservative politicians who advocate antigay discriminatory legislation that often incites some to commit acts of violence or murder against us.

    Green’s comment is anithetical to one of the ten commandments, thou shalt not kill. All the hypocritical pro-lifers who for instance oppose abortion often support war and legal execution in societies that still use the death penalty such as the middle and far east, in a few states in the U.S. and elsewhere. They should be consistent, not cherry-pick this law or that law to suit their own agenda for the sake of expediency, political, religious or otherwise. If one is truly pro-life, he or she should be against killing of any kind, no exceptions.

  6. “they will know we are Christians by our love (by our love)
    yes they will know we are Christians by our love”

    I thought he was pankrupt

  7. WWJH?

    Who Would Jesus Hang?!!!

    If the New Testament furnishes us with reliable historical evidence, we’d probably have to conclude that Jesus would tell those who are without sin to cast the first stone…

    …then go on to mistakenly predict the demise of all evildoers with the imminent, apocalyptic arrival of the Kingdom of God!

    That’s in the first century, folks!

    Join the dots, Stephen Green…

  8. Good old Steven, we can always rely on him to make himself look a right pillock. We don’t need a bendy bus with a muppet like him around.

  9. What a beautiful example of a “christian” this man is… perhaps the term “hypocrite” is a more suitable description.

  10. There is always something deeply troubling about a self-identified Christian preacher calling for a mans death – until we remember that Mr. Green is a anti-gay hate-monger and not at all concerned with acceptance, equity, or forgiveness – the foundations of the faith. Or, love, the greatest gift in the faith.
    Green’s comments about the “rough trade” and violence speak to more than he intended. He is, of course, factually incorrect – as GLBT people simply want to live their lives in peace. And, we know that the vast majority of crimes of violence including crimes involving sexual predations against both children and adults are carried out by self-identified heterosexuals of the Christian faith.

  11. Rob Alexander 25 Oct 2008, 6:55pm

    Poor Anthony Morley, whom I knew well after his win, may be sick to have done what he did, but Stephen Green is a much more twisted and pernicious individual. I hope the BBC do take action to recover their costs, as they are entitled to do, the sooner the better.

  12. Green could have exploited any number of motiveless, brutal murders that take place on our streets in recent months. His reasons for picking the Morley case to extol the virtues of Mosaic law kills two birds with one stone: it gives him the opportunity to say what he’d really like to do, in God’s name, to all gay people, as well.

    Next time the BBC decides to court the ‘Christian viewpoint’ “for balance” on topics such as the atheist bus campaign, or Boy Scouts giving out safe sex advice – and it’s often Mr. Green they run to – it’s worth asking what Britain would be like if people like this were in charge. Then decide, whether whose opinion he actually represents. I look forward to ripping up a copy of the bible in this moron’s face.

    That said, Green is spot on about the government’s laissez-faire attitude to Sharia law.

  13. I don’t understand these people – do gay people go around boycotting or comdemning their events? Why should this guy and his pals have the right to comment on anything gay at all. In this particular case, it is a crime like any other – the gay aspect has no bearing on it whatsoever.

  14. Not sure I want to take lessons in morality from a guy who can’t even pay his own bills. Death penalty for bankrupts perhaps?

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