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Conspiracy theories surround death of Austria’s gay fascist leader

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Reader comments

  1. Well boys and girls here we go again! The Austrian right wing just can’t swallow the bitter truth that Joerg was schtupping Stefan and after a spat with the boyfriend he went and got pissed and crashed the motor. HO! no they can’t have that, it was the queers that done him in or whatever, but the plain facts just won’t stop them trying to straighten him out will it? Now it looks like they just don’t know which way to turn.

  2. Oh, now he suddenly was a “fascist” again?? Who told you so? Do you know what a fascist is? Please be calm and use the right terms! We all know he was far to the right, too far in my opinion. BUT HE WAS NOT A FASCIST!!!!

  3. Dahling, if it barks like a dog it is most likely to be a doggy. If it quacks like a duck it is most likely a ducky, and if it says nice things about Hitler and his gangs of murdering scum and has a cult of leadership just like him, and tries to be just like him in though and word if not deeds exactly, then he is most likely to be a FASCIST. Oh look he was a FASCIST well isn’t that amazing?

  4. theotherhalf 24 Oct 2008, 4:13pm

    looks like a goosstepingwhiteisrightohmytheresalotofjewsroundhere fascist to me Martin – a Gay Fascist too.

  5. You have no idea what a fascist is. Hitler was a nazi, not fascist.

  6. I’m inclined to agree with Martin. “Fascism” is a pretty slippery term to define, and Haider’s party has some of the characteristic tenets of traditional Fascist parties (most notably extreme nationalism, populism, and social conservatism). But there are other important strains of Fascism, like totalitarianism and militarism, which seem missing from the BZO. It’s probably safer to describe it as a far-right party which appealed to some neo-Nazi elements.

  7. Fascists promote the unification and expansion of influence, power, and/or territory of and for their nation among other things. Joerg was far right, hated jews and in public at least homosexuals too, (how far right is too far?) he espoused certain core fundamentals of fascistic doctrines, you might argue the degree to which he was fascistic, but he certainly was a fascist in tone and content for all intents and purposes. You are what you do. Abhorrent policies by any other name are still abhorrent, yes? An abhorrent politician is exactly that, abhorrent.

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