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Video: Beam me up Sulu – Shatner’s bizarre rant against gay Star Trek star

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Reader comments

  1. Could it be that the invite got lost in the post? Just a thought.

  2. Hey Mr. Shatner, it’s not only Takei. You are very well known for being an arrongant tight ass. Even when you try to make Takei the one that is attacking you, you can’t avoid belittling him, as if you were such an Oscar winner by the way. So if you are so right, keep your mouth shut. Or marry a man if you long some extra attention.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Oct 2008, 6:39pm

    Shatner did indeed receive an invitation but failed to r.s.v.p. How ignorant and pigheaded is that? Instead of analysing George Takei, he should make better use of his time by voting NO on proposition 8 and put his money where his mouth is.

  4. George Takei has just celebrated his marriage and then you get this so and so talking nonsense in order to steal the limelight and once again make it all about him, maybe he shoulda been called Eve?

    What a ‘kin liberty!

  5. Just a clarification of the name of the location of Takei’s ceremony. It is important to note that it was at the Japanese American National Museum ( Being Japanese American himself, the site was a choice to highlight Takei’s own ancestry.

  6. Shatner is a talented serious, commedy, adventure actor and is
    playing the Hollywood game with Takei — all is fair in love,
    war and sex in Hollywood. This is Shatner’s way of saying
    Takei is a jerk, which he is.

  7. Bishop Ioan 18 Sep 2009, 4:14pm

    No, Mr Shatner is the jerk. He’s also a lousy actor and has no class unlike Mr Takei. Just as well he didn’t attend the wedding–he would have only ruined a wonderful day by his baleful presence.

    Sadly it is always all about Mr Shatner. Maybe most of his fellow-cast on Stark Trek have good reasons not to like him.

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