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Palin attacked over support for constitutional ban on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder if picking this moron was an attempt by the McCain campaign to win over the religious right, like Dobson and others.

    If so, it has marvellously backfired – with every incoherent, muddled answer she gives ( ) , she hands voters over to Obama.

    It’s time the media asked her some serious questions, like how old she believes the Earth to be, and does she endorse the views about the Apocalypse and the imminent return of Christ, that her pastor holds, at that crackpot church she attends.

    She’s not merely inexperienced and incompetent, even at local government level, as well as dishonest and corrupt; her views on gays are symptomatic of the kind of fanaticism that will really send us toward world war three, if a moron like this gets into power.

  2. David Griff 23 Oct 2008, 3:37pm

    She can’t really be that completely dense. Even without the gay marriage bit which she is wrong about anyway, changing the constitution is so major in the US legal system no vice-presidential candidate should ever suggest it without WW3 happening first, at the very least. She is so annoying.

  3. She’s a loony. And to think the media were initially fawning on this ‘go-getter’ woman – until she opened her mouth and revealed her lack of brain. Like many religious nutters (and, no, I DON’T mean all religious people) she has to insist that being gay’s a choice because otherwise attacking people for being gay makes as much sense as attcking people because they have brown eyes.
    You are so right, Adrian_T. She scares me, and the thought that she might possibly get into a position of power is terrifying.

  4. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 23 Oct 2008, 7:44pm

    This woman has crushed the dreams of many hopeful women, dareing to
    live with the vision, that some day, in our time, we would see a
    woman on the white house ticket.
    Palin give back your ill gotten expensive attire, and PLEASE GO HOME!!!!!

    May We Walk Gently Among Many BLESSINGS


  5. David Griff,

    She really is that dense. Asked on TV by an eight year old what the vice-president did, she clearly had no idea of her constitutional role and got the answer wrong! Not to mention that she was on another occasion unable to name a single newspaper that she read. Or the video showing her and her crackpot pastor attempting to banish witchcraft from the election. I could go on, but you get the picture.

    In a word – mad bitch. OK, two words….

  6. Edward in Los Angeles 24 Oct 2008, 1:35am

    When are people going to start using the terms “your choice” or “your lifestyle” for heterosexuals like Palin? As in, “the hetersexual lifestyle”. I mean, if they insist that there isn’t a gay gene, then there can’t be a heterosexual gene either, according to their logic, can there? Maybe they’ve morphed a theory that all sexuality is just…interchangeable. Wouldn’t that freak them out!

  7. Larry Diaz 24 Oct 2008, 1:47am

    She’s gonna lose big time. The next time we see will be on the cover of Penthouse and even that will be too soon! Go back to Alaska and stay there Pain-in.

  8. I am horrified that this awful woman could be so close to become first woman President of the USA: HILLARY! is all I can say! Palin is clearly ruining McCains chances; Angels and Ministers of Grace Protect us from the Pit Bull Hocky mom!!!

  9. Pink News had tons of negative stories about Hillary Clinton as well. Remember? You hated her, and now you hate another woman, Sarah Palin. True, some of her positions are not ok from a gay point of view – but she has said loud and clearly, that she will be tolerant towards gay people and she has friends she loves who are gay. WHY DON’T YOU TELL THE WHOLE STORY???????????????? Are women not allowed to be right wing?? Are only men allowed to be right wing????

  10. What happens if one or more of her kids turn out to be gay?

  11. Derek North 24 Oct 2008, 7:38pm


    This idiot thinks the earths 6000 years old, and you want to put her finger on the nuclear button. FFS.

    Besides, Im sick of being “Tolerated”. I have as much right to exist on this bloody plane as she does.

  12. Sarah Palin is against more ‘government’ (except when it suits her) by wanting ‘government’ to ban gay marriage.

  13. Martin – As I said before, Sarah Palin is tolerant of gay people in the same way I’m tolerant of wet summers. She’d sooner they didn’t happen but is powerless to prevent them, in spite of her ex-gay ministry cronies.
    Tolerance is the least I expect from a political candidate I’m voting for. Why are you so happy to settle for “doesn’t actually want to kill me”?
    As for her gay friend she was quick to point out that her friend’s sexuality was not part of what she liked about them. Why they hang out with her is anyone’s guess.

  14. you just hate women. you are disgusting!

  15. Martin – I don’t know where you get the notion that I hate women, how disliking one woman as a presidential candidate amounts to hating all women is beyond me. I would actually be quite happy if a suitable female candidate for the White House surfaced, but Sarah Palin isn’t that by a long chalk. Her naive ‘apple pie’ persona which suggests she’s all style over substance and her latent homophobia are my main problem with her, and I think speak for everyone else here on that score. That and I actually like mooses! Hilary may have her faults but at least I could trust her to know a thing or two about running a country.

  16. Obama is for death penalty and against gay marriage! What do you think about that?

  17. Ditto McCain – what do you think about that?

  18. Martin- to elaborate, McCain is for the death penalty. I found the following citation on the policies rundown at to quote:

    “Capital Punishment
    strongly supports
    McCain supports the death penalty for federal crimes, such as acts of terrorism, and has said he would consider expanding application for other crimes. As senator, he voted to prohibit the use of racial statistics in death penalty appeals and ban the death penalty for minors.”

    Personally I have issues with both candidates on that score, however it does suggest a pretty level playing field on both issues you raised.
    However Obama still seems more approachable on gay rights than his republican counterparts.

  19. Martin, To really appreciate how stupid Palin is, I recommend you see the videolink on this page about her attitude to science funding:,3274,Countdown-Palin-Wants-To-Help-Special-Needs-Kids-By-Doing-Away-With-Science,Keith-Olbermann-Crooks-and-Liars

  20. Martin:

    The only evidence we have of Sarah Palin’s tolerance is her word – which is worth about as much as all the claims of tolerance, bipartisanship, and “compassionate conservatism” that George Bush made back in 2000. Actually, given how much she’s brazenly distorted her record just in the eight weeks she’s been on the national stage, I’d say it’s worth even less.

    Even if you take her at her word, I don’t see how that would in any way make gay people more likely to want to see her anywhere near the White House. It doesn’t matter how personally “tolerant” a prospective president is or claims to be. What matters is their actual record, their actual policies, and what sort of people they’d appoint to their administration and to the bench. I’ve always thought that the caricature of Bush as some kind of seething homophobe was off the mark – I suspect that on a personal level he’s an amiable guy who isn’t particularly prejudiced, and in fact is probably a lot less prejudiced than you might expect of a wealthy country-club Republican of his generation. Yet the fact remains that his administration has been extremely hostile to gay people because of his obligation to placate his party’s anti-gay base in his policies, his judicial picks, and in the people he chose to work under him.

    Oh, and I have no idea what Obama’s stance on the death penalty has to do with any of this. I doubt gay folks differ substantially from other Americans in their attitude toward capital punishment.

  21. Olivia Braine 3 Nov 2008, 4:32pm

    Reading this artical is making my blood boil?? If she were to say or stand for these things in this country, then she would be arrested for insighting homophobic hatred! Rule Brittania! I wish I knew where she lived…

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