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Little Britain star’s civil partnership dissolved

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Reader comments

  1. “They ask the press to respect their privacy at this time and to exercise restraint in any reporting of this matter.”

    Well Matt mercilessly lampoons and ridicules all kinds of people on Little Britain, so he doesn’t really deserve much sympathy. himself.

  2. Abi Chrisopher 23 Oct 2008, 8:28am

    Why call it a dissolution it’s a divorce pure and simple or is that too hard for straight society to swallow.

  3. yep
    dissolution of a CP has all the requirements of a divorce ie a REASON based on fault, rather than a simple “we choose no longer to be partners” thwt would have been more civilised and reflect CP’s lesser status.

    So the straights got us in that CP isn’t as good as marriage, but imposed their religious-rderived concepts of divorce onto it.

    We were well and truly shafted on this.

  4. Simon Murphy 23 Oct 2008, 12:53pm

    It’s not a divorce because they were not married. Gay people do not have the right to get married in the UK. What has happened to the campaign for full marriage rights in the UK. It seems that the gay community has been bought off by the apartheid system of civil partnerships.

  5. Yes, well, some of us might not want to be “married”. I am quite happy to announce to anyone that I am in a Civil Partnership and am quite happy not to have any superstitious tripe in the ceremony. Full and equal rights? Definitely! But none of that nasty religious rubbish, thank you very much.

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