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Irish gay rights group says civil partnerships “a matter of immediate urgency”

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Reader comments

  1. The Irish government has gone completely silent on this issue since publishing the Heads of Bill. Some of us feel they are hoping we’ll forget all about it. Meanwhile the media don’t regard it as a sexy subject. While you have covered this story today, none of the major Irish newspapers have. The Irish Times instead features an article on rights for (presumably heterosexual) cohabiting couples:

    All the while, some of us are not getting any younger, and I would like to make good on my ‘civil partnership’ proposal to my partner of 14 years as soon as possible!

    Frieda, Dublin

  2. Simon Murphy 23 Oct 2008, 12:58pm

    I hope the Irish government drops this bill. If civil partnerships become law in Ireland the struggle for gay equality will die in Ireland as it seems to have died in the UK> I would rather wait 5 or 10 years and finally get equality like they have in Spain; Holland; Belgium & Canada than accept this 2nd class relatioship status. Civil partnerships are not equality. But once they become law it makes it almost impossible ever to achieve equality. I am also disgusted that GLEN in Dublin are meekly accepted this 2nd class citizenship on behalf of the gay community in Ireland.

  3. Both of yous above have valid points.

    Frieda – I object to the fact that I will be “single” until the day I die, even if, I am in a long term stable relationship as I am in now.

    However, I am in agreement with Simon. This needs to go back to the drawing board. LGBT groups need to consulted.

    I would hate to see this Bill offered as “Irish solution to an Irish problem” – citing C. Haughey on the introduction of contraception. Look at the fiasco over 20 years that turned out to be.

    No half measures this time, unfortunately, Irish governments are very fond of doing this.

  4. Marie Tyler Wiley 27 Oct 2008, 1:41am

    To my brothers and sisters back home take heart! If civil partnerships become law in Ireland…consider it a step in the right direction!!! :)

    Back here in the states…we had the same dilemma and worried…In most cases…what was a civil union…became a marriage because eventually each state simply moved forward and made marriage legal.

    In the mean time…if you guys are feeling left out…come here to beautiful Mystic, CT, where plenty of your fellow countrymen live and I’ll marry you and you’ll have the time of your life!!! :)

    Peace & :)

    Marie Tyler Wiley

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