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Bahrain MP calls for action against homosexuals

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Reader comments

  1. “We have homosexual rates on the rise, with such people working in flower shops, massage parlours or barber’s salons,” WELL WOT A SUPRISE GAYS WORKING IN SUCH PLACES! They’ll be in the police and the Govt next maybe even already there! Shock horror! Lets hope any Eurogays pull all their monies out asap! Backward Bastards comes to mind!

  2. Yeah, go on holiday to Dubai, an even less tolerant islamist country. People should stop using airlines like emirates, as they feed the coffers of evil Islamo- fascist countries like this.

    Stop visiting Dubai.

  3. You know that country is so stupid it’s hard to be offended. Banning female manikins and sorcery…..please!! When was the last time a gay person slammed a plane into the side of a skyscraper? These morons should get their own house in order before wanting rod of people over something they have no choice about!!

  4. Many moons ago I spent four happy years living in Bahrain as cabin crew for the national carrier which wouldn’t have been able to function if it wasn’t for homosexuals. I would estimate that ninety percent of the male expats on that airline were gay. Sheikh Isa was the king, a lovely man who invited many of us on his yacht for parties in which alcohol was served. The national airline still serves alcohol so what’s alll this rubbish about sorcery and mannikins?

  5. Sexual orientation may not be a choice, but sexual conduct most certainly is. As in most Gulf states, there is a thriving gay (and, to a much lesser extent, lesbian) underground in Bahrain. All it requires is a little discretion and a little sensitivity to the sentiments of the natives. Idiotic Western tourists flying to Gulf states to get drunk and have sex in public do little to help the cause of those living under an institutionally homophobic law-codes. Nor do air-headed remarks about the “stupidity” of entire nations help very much. But there does seem to be a movement towards renewed social conservatism in some of the Arab states (most notably Yemen) which have seen progressive cultural liberalisation in the last decade. I don’t think Bahrain (or Dubai, for that matter) is likely to see a shift to the ‘right’, but it could be instructive to see how this episode plays out.

  6. I lived there for several years in the 90’s and have to say some of the locals I met did not mind indulging in man on man acts !

  7. Edward in Los Angeles 23 Oct 2008, 8:21am

    Why not just avoid the place? All you British guys should just come to California. Don’t waste yourselves on people who don’t want you- Lol.

  8. Martin is right! My other half was aircrew and wined and dined by the Sheikh and his courtiers in the late 70′ early 80’s and he knew how many gaytrolly dollies enjoyed his hospitality as well as female trolly dollies! Now they seem to have gone all “Dour Islamic” when quite clearly they must have been Sufi Muslims who seem to enjoy life and don’t hate everything and everyone who is not of their ideals!

  9. Gays living under the Sharia are asking for trouble. It is one thing to be open and honest about who you are. It is yet another to flaunt an aspect of your lifestyle which is forbidden in a specific culture. While I don’t believe in any form of oppression it is rather foolhardy to engage in specific behaviors the local body politic finds to be an abomination. Islam and homosexuality don’t mix. I have to agree with my predecessor. Move your lifestyle and funds to California where the political climate is favorable to what you want to be.

  10. Steve Hope 23 Oct 2008, 6:36pm

    The historical amnesia of some Muslim societies defies belief. There is probably more homoerotic literature in medieval Arabic than in any other language. I once read a lovely poem by an Ottoman sultan admitting that his adoration of his boyfriend could almost be considered worship (were it not that he owed this to Allah!). Perhaps a general boycott of this authoritarian and theocratic enclave will jog memories a bit.

  11. There comes a time when you have to call ignorance and bigotry – what it is. Commenter above says “Nor do air-headed remarks about the “stupidity” of entire nations help very much.” Well if it walks like a camel …

    I don’t think very much of religion in general — but I especially abhor religious based discrimination based upon bronze-age concepts and yes these muslim countries are wallowing in them.

    It is high time we begin to call these backwards folks on their BS. Not to mention places like Dubai are enjoying unimagined wealth and prosperity because the West (mostly the US) is sending untold billions of petro dollars them annually.

  12. I say we go to war with all of them. And I don’t mean the kind of war we had in Iraq or Afghanistan. I mean real war! where we go in and level the entire country…. And we shouldn’t stop until THEY beg for peace.

  13. Edward in Los Angeles 24 Oct 2008, 1:48pm

    Like I was saying, the surf’s great in California! Lol

  14. I guess Max and I can scratch Bahrain off of our choices for places to go on our honeymoon.

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