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Abortion off the agenda as MPs vote on fertility bill

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Reader comments

  1. payback to the DUP for supporting govt in the “42 day detention” bill.

    It’s amazing that the Unionists in NI insist on remaining part of the UK, but insist on having their own (benighted) laws imposing a regressive morality on their people. EITHER everyone is British and subject to British human rights, or NI is “separate”, so fuck off out of our Parliament.

    (PS I will vomit on the ay that Paisley is given his peerage!)

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Oct 2008, 1:42pm

    apYrs, I too question that. Why is N. Ireland a part of the UK if it does not provide the same rights? How screwed up does “democracy” in the UK get? So much for equality. This has much to do with pandering to the religious looney right, both catholic and protestant alike. We need to get religion out of the equation altogether and more importantly, out of the political arena once and for all by disestablishing state religion.

  3. In ways you are both right…. yes! payback to the DUP for the 42-days – and the more they protest reality is otherwise the more certain is is that, as usual, they lie through their bigoted teeth when it suits them.
    Yes! The UK is a constitutional fuck-up – I live in Northern Ireland yet I can not and never could vote for a party that was likely to form a government at Westminster. Labour had consistently refused to organise here, using the feeble [and laughably untrue] excuse that the SDLP is a ‘sister party’. The old Unionist Party was allied to the Tories, then they split and the Tories tried to organise in N.I. with pathetic results, and now the two are talking about joining forces again …. is there nothing Cameron will not do/say/promise to gain power???
    My taxation is set in London, and it is inevitably set to suit English needs, yet I have no means of influencing who sets it.

    To deny men and women in Northern Ireland the same rights as any other citizen of the UK is disgraceful and shameful … but the buggers in Westminster won’t care a damn because there are no votes in it for them. In this latest ‘moment of shame’ women in N.I. seeking an abortion will have to travel to England to obtain it, with all the added expense involved and the potentially psychologically damaging separation from their families at a difficult time.

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