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Sarah Palin supports federal ban on same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. From a woman who attends church to have demons exercised, and clearly owns more make-up than books, I’d say this is not really a surprise.

  2. Looks like ‘Joe Six Pack’ will have to emigrate elsewhere to get married to other ‘Joe Six Packs’ if Ms. Palin ever becomes president.
    I’ve never seen anyone pander to the uninformed the way that woman does. I think Michael Palin has better credentials to be a vice president. He’s visited other countries for starters!

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Oct 2008, 1:46pm

    Say what she wants, she’s going nowhere come November 4, back to Alaska where she belongs, nothing more than a conservative political whore and an airhead. McCain should be writing his concession speech.

  4. When will people realise that it isn’t a choice. Is it a choice that people are heterosexual no it isn’t so why is it a choice when they talk about us. Who would choose to spend decades in the closet worried about whether family and friends would reject them it cracks me up. Being an out gay man I certainly would choose to be gay now if it was a choice but back then it was not fun. Stupid woman should just shut up. aaaagh!

  5. I think the woman is brilliant.. let her speak more!! The more she speaks the less likely there is of being a Republican victory! I’m not going to pick apart her comments – it’s pointless she’s been brainwashed with religious beliefs, and common sense and decency to fellow man have been left behind. I love Tina Fey – we owe her a deomcratic victory!

  6. Sarah is there to carry on the Bush tradition as in the quote about 2004 – “The Bush Nov. 2004 election campaign – Brian Reade in the Daily Mirror – We know whom Bush was targeting. There are millions of intelligent Americans, but the election was swung by the “self-righteous, gun-totin’, sister-marryin’, abortion-hatin’, gay-loathin’, non-passport ownin’ rednecks” that make up that part of the US now known as Jesusland.. … now all Americans will be lumped into the same category of “moronic muppets” who, like Bush, think “God gave America the biggest dick in the world so it could urinate on the rest of us and make their land free and strong.”

  7. Well Sarah how would you feel if one or more of your kids grow up gay?

  8. Alan Thorpe 21 Oct 2008, 3:51pm

    Her hobbies and pastimes in Alaska appear decidely butch to me. She should spend less time hunting and concentrate on being more compassionate to both humans and animals.

  9. “Ms Palin said one of her ‘absolute best friends’ is a lesbian.

    ‘She is not my gay friend, she is one of my best friends who happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice that I have made, but I’m not going to judge people,’ she said.

    WHAT A CROCK OF CRAP!!!! She clearly doesn’t know her ‘absolute best friend’ very well [if she knows her at all, if she even exists] if she thinks being gay is a matter of ‘choice’!!!

    I can’t wait for 5th November when, at last, we will be spared from hearing and hearing of this truly awful woman!!!!

  10. “I can’t wait for 5th November when, at last, we will be spared from hearing and hearing of this truly awful woman!!!!”
    AndySam, are you suggesting a last minute Guy Fawkes substitute or has election day shifted to bonfire night ;)

  11. Mike American 21 Oct 2008, 5:22pm

    Same sex marriage is a joke; a cover, as none of these people want to be “married.” They’ve lived around for decades. Marriage is for the faithful. In Europe, they haven’t been marrying, even heterosexually, for decades. There’s another motive here, so probe a little deeper & ask what that is. I’d bet a dollar that if they are permitted to marry, same-sexers will still sleep around w/ other partners, so a “faithful to one spouse marriage” is not what they want. Got it? Good. Don’t be duped, nor vote for a change that will ruin things for those who really want to be married ‘rightly.’

  12. Just hope everyone’s right and that come november 5th she’s really is history and not vice-president, stranger and nastier things have happened in US elections. If the democrats do win and if Obama manages to stay true to his beliefs, America could really become a force for progress on Gay rights for a change which will put further pressure on the more backward EU states and the current Australian administration to do more. Fingers crossed!

  13. Thanks for your comment “Mike American” – like Sarah Palin’s blunders, your rhetoric says more about you than who you think you can speak for. How do you suppose that you have the integrity to be able to speak for me?

  14. Who gives a shit what she says? She has as much chance of being elected and able to enact this legislation as that other gay rights champion Thatcher does of being listed as the cause of Castro’s death by fucking him too hard.

    Palin will crawl back to Alaska, screw up their economy, be booted out and end up bringing up her daughter’s kid.The father will have run off (with her as you mother in law, wouldn’t you)and the daughter will have disowned her for being such a shit mother. It’s all good.

  15. For the record, one in three heterosexual marriages end in divorce and surveys show that just over half of heterosexual marriages involve infidelity. Mike, you live in a fantasy world.

  16. Choice. Right. I chose to be harassed for over 15 years because I like women? What an idiot. A superficial idiot mind you. She can’t comprehend two people who are physically the same gender being together. Completely superficial.

  17. Unfortunately, due to the undemocratic election rigging now in full swing (like illegally wiping off registered voters from the electoral roll and three out of the four voting systems run by republicans)this bitch and her crap is likely to win. God save us all from America.

  18. Ummmm newsflash no government can legislate who I can stand before God and promise my life to. This is a wedge issue that is only about the civil rights portion ie tax breaks etc. Our government cannot legislate religious ceremonies….duh.

  19. john wilfred sharp 22 Oct 2008, 3:26am

    next she will reintroduce slavery and apartheid.
    Religions should be banned.
    the federal government should protect the citizens against such bigotry.religions should not be taught to minors .

  20. Mike American perpetuating the “all Americans are stupid and uneducated” stereotype yet again. Well done, Mike, you’re a credit to your nation.

  21. Mike American – why do you refer to us in the third person when you’re the minority on this news site. We know what our motivations are far better than you do. Besides if your conspiracy theory is true why would we bother with marriage at all when we can already sleep around without anyone raising an eyebrow? The reason we want gay marriage is because it comes with certain rights such as right to inherit or hospital visiting rights. There are even some gay people who like the religious aspect though I’m at a loss with that one personally.
    Sleeping around is not something marriage is any guarantee against anyhow whether you’re gay or straight, so please engage brain before posting.

  22. OBAMA IS AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE AND FOR DEATH PENALTY!!!!! And Sarah Palin has been very, very clear that she is TOLERANT towards gays – please tell the whole story, not just part of it!

  23. OBAMA IS AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE AND FOR DEATH PENALTY!!!!! And Sarah Palin has been very, very clear that she is TOLERANT towards gays. Why don’t you tell the whole story? She definately is no hater!

  24. Martin – there’s a major difference between “tolerant” and “in favour of”. One is a grudging acceptance that gayness happens whether you like it or not and the other is actually being OK about it. As far as I’m aware neither main candidate endorses full gay marriage, but civil partnership would be an improvement. At least Obama appears to be more approachable on gay issues. As for the death penalty thing, that’s the first I’ve heard of it, however seeing as many states already have that and most Republicans are also in favour of it, how do the candidates actually compare on that issue? Do you have citations?

  25. David Griff 22 Oct 2008, 1:42pm

    Tolerance is not enough Martin darling. Sarah Palin is also as thick as pig poo. Also, Mike American, if I married my boyfriend (I probably wouldn’t, marriage is all a bit religious) of course we would have extra-marital sex…together…as a couple…as married men should! Besides that doesn’t the US consitution prohibit legislation made on the basis of religious conviction, couldn’t the courts as the watchdog of the legislatur prevent it?

  26. Thanks Mike American for your views. And glad to see that you know how to use the cut-and-paste option. Lifting your comments verbatim from another website. Let’s hope your own wife gets a bit more attention from you in the bedroom than you’re able to spare us.

  27. Well Martin, now that you put it all in block capitals, yes, you’re right, its DOES all make sense now, doesn’t it? She’s clearly not some inbred idiot with too much make-up….!

    Is hardly likely I’m going to take your the word of some twit who can’t use a keyboard properly compared to the blatantly obvious in every newspaper about this sad cow.

    Perhaps Martin, you should leave the keyboard alone and have another Coors… I’ll bet after a few of them cool frosted ones with your sister, she might be more inclined to let you throw a leg over here again…

  28. Just think about it this way – she was a good choice for the Republicans since she makes G W Bush look educated, a positive intellectual.

    But we may have to get used to more of her empty headedness, as rumour has it that she is being groomed to be the 2012 Republican candidate – May your God’s forbid.

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