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Pensioner found guilty of gay village stabbing

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Reader comments

  1. Manslaughter implies he indirectly caused the death – how is stabbing someone in the neck indirect?

  2. queer murder ordinary murder.

    To be a queer murder, the culprit has to write down the intention to kill, get it notorised and then confess to it afterwards as an intentional act

    understand now?

  3. David Griff 22 Oct 2008, 1:47pm

    It’s probably to do with intention, we have some of the worst murder law in the world purely because there is no flexibility: it’s either murder or manslaughter if the jury didn’t feel they could be sure beyond reasonable doubt that he had every intention to kill that person then they will go for a defence…probably of provocation…which is a shit defence but oh well.

  4. A Gay looking male (because he was probably looking happy and dressed in smart casual attire) + a crime committed in a densely frequented Gay area (Manchester’s Gay Village)= a Gay attack in my mind!

    A knife intentionally carried out of their home + intentionally thrust into someones neck/throat + the selected victim dies = MURDER in my mind!

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