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Judge slams Indian government for calling homosexuality as a disease

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  1. Gene Patrick 22 Oct 2008, 3:43am

    calling homosexuality a disease is like calling being addicted to drugs a disease. They are both not diseases. But if you choose to find some help with an addiction to drugs at drug rehabs in california , You will probably get disease rhetoric shoved down your throat!

  2. Gene Patrick 22 Oct 2008, 3:46am

    calling homosexuality a disease is like calling a drug addiction a disease too, which I don’t agree with. Ive been to many drug rehabs in california and was force fed the same BS, that everything is a disease. Our lifestyle is not a disease, it’s just something that they cannot handle.

  3. Homosex is removed from mental disorders by International medical counsel long back. This is immature of ASG and Home Ministry of India

  4. If gayness is a disease does that mean I get to call in sick at work?!?

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