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Gays are “recruiting” claims Ugandan paper

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  1. Oh boy, maybe we should catalogue some common strawmen used by straight homophobes as a quick reference guide. “GAY PEOPLE ARE RECRUITING” comes pretty high on my list.
    Do Ugandans think we usher straight people into a gymnasium of their own free will and blast them with The Village People chanting “we want you, we want you, we want you as a new recruit” at full volume until they can’t even think straight?
    Or is it more likely that those that show up already felt gay and merely wanted to be in an environment where they didn’t feel judged? Someone should point out to these egits that you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

  2. one would have thought that Ugandans and their papers would have more pressing worries.

    Or maybe scapegoating gays (“It is an attempt to end civilisation.”) is a way to avoid the hard questions of poverty, corruption, etc, etc)

    PS don’t they know up to 10% of their aid comes from LGBT people – tainted or what?

  3. I always love this kind of ridiculous paradox that the “recruiting” theory brings up:

    I have heard many times, that gays need to “recruit” because they do not breed.

    This statement implies the preferential way to “make more homosexuals” is to breed, which in turn implies that homosexuality is based on genetics as the primary method of passing on inherent traits.

    What they’re saying is, if we “breed” we would make more “homosexuals”, but as we can’t do this (in their narrow vision), we recruit instead.

    So, if genetics are a key factor that influences sexuality (i.e. “making more homosexuals”), then the people are born homosexual, so logically we do not need to recruit.

    Yet people like the rather foolish author of this enlightened newspaper say that we are not born gay, so we need to recruit.

    Which brings us right back to the first point.

    Intelligence is defined as the capacity of a mind to adapt to its environment while operating with insufficient knowledge and resources. In short, the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.

    In other words, the editor of this Ugandan newspaper is an idiot.

    Quad Erat Demonstratum

  4. David Griff 22 Oct 2008, 1:33pm

    Recruiting homosexuals also gives rise to an odd notion that we know how to make people gay, like we have some arcane knowledge passed down through generations that they cant quite pick up on in breeding society.

  5. does all this mean that the straights recruit as well. This is so stupid it made me lol

  6. Uganda another loathsome kleptocracy. State promoted and sanctioned murder the order of the day, rubber stamped by a judiciary that is as corrupt as it is incompetent, volence and robbery by the state against it’s own people is “normal” life in that benighted country, and Gay’s are the scapegoats chosen by the scum that rule it to blame for this.
    The word to describe the politicians and the churchmen in Uganda is, evil. Financial aid to countries such as this is used to prop up the corrupt governments that rule them, all the people suffer.

  7. Shhh, David Griff- remember what we discussed at the big gay lodge between chanting the lyrics to “I will survive” backwards in Latin and sacrificing catholic children… keep it to yourself, you’re blowing our cover ;)

  8. Thanx flapjack; Ive been getting it all wrong by chanting “I am what I am” backwards in Greek and putting the wind up the cat(!) Gay recruitment? I was helping to get Gay recruits into the police force for years (yes gay coppers do exisit!)

  9. I’m recruiting like mad. I only need five more to win a microwave.

  10. Quite so, Will.

    Furthermore, by going on to say “Who’s going to occupy Uganda 20 years from now if we all become homosexuals?” he is admitting that he himself could be turned into a homosexual. As this is something he would surely deny with all the force he could gather, the proposition suffers from a fatal internal contradiction.

  11. Martin – I have it on reliable authority that the “3 pints of lager” method of recruitment works pretty well, but you have to claim that microwave before they sober up the next day ;)

  12. Christina Engela 23 Oct 2008, 7:13pm

    Funny how history repeats itself, innit? 70 years ago a madman called Heinrich Himmler stood on a podium and made a speech about how homosexuals were undermining and weakening the German race. Laws were passed against GLBT, gay-bashings and persecution began. People lost their jobs, their homes, their civil rights. A month later gays were being rounded up and carted of to concentration camps, outed and betrayed by friends, family and co-workers – and even churches (imagine that).

    Interesting, innit? Funny how history repeats itself. And you thought it was all boring? There is an old Chinese curse that goes:”May you live in interesting times”. And this is precisely what it means. Interesting times are the times when we walk thru pools of the blood of our own, amid fears of our impending demise.

    Give me uninteresting times instead any day.

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