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Ugandan lesbian granted asylum in UK

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Reader comments

  1. Kevin Brown 22 Oct 2008, 10:33pm

    have we gone mad.. all the asylum seekers I have ever met have admitted that they tell all sorts of lies.. Surely now is the itme to say enough is enough… This lady can go to South Africa..or even Kenya where there is no discrimatoin against lesbians.. now we will have millions of her pals coming over,.

  2. That is horrible, just because you are an LGBT person does not mean that you are any different than anybody else in this world. You have the same insides and outsides. Though the features are different your hearts remain the same! Prossy deserves her rights. And Kevin Brown is just a homophobic jackass who posts comments like that to get your spirits down. But why should you care about a person like that if they don’t care about you? Ignore people like that and your life will be full of happiness. :) I am thirteen years old and I understand a lot of things I shouldn’t. I am also bi and that shouldn’t matter. Live your life to the fullest and fight for your beliefs. No matter how they are looked at by others you look at it the way you want. Kevin Brown can bite my big bisexual ass! it is big.

  3. Frankie is one in a million…a shinning bright star…so bright that world would notice and praise her for her strong virtues…truly Frankie, u r a star…don’t ever stop being out-spoken!!

    As for Kevin Brown:bite my bubbly black gay ass…it’s so juicy u couldn’t have enough!! D-U-H!!! STOP PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN! GET A LIFE!! MAKE POSITIVE IMPARTS/STATEMENTS!!! PUT A SMILE ON PEOPLE’S FACES!!!! ONLY IF U KNOW WHAT THESE PEOPLE GO THROUGH!!!!!


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