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Reports of homophobic hate crimes rise in Scotland

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Reader comments

  1. There is surely no surprise here bearing in mind tha viciously homophobic pronouncements by the Roman Catholic clergy in Scotland led by Joseph Devine ,the Bishop of Motherwell.”Kill a queer today” is not far short of the bigot bile heard from Catholic pulpits orchestrated as it is by the Neo-Nazi crew in the Vatican.One notes that there has been nothing forthcoming from Rome about the now revealed homosexual activities of the Austrian fascist Jorg Haider.This news must have been very disappointing for Ratzinger.

  2. To be fair, one of the reasons for this increase could very well be better reporting of homophobic crimes. The police have come a long way in improving relations with the LGBT Community, Strathclyde Police in particular.

    Perhaps now gay people feel that their reports of homophobic hate crime are now being heard.

  3. Increased reporting may indeed be an aspect but there is no doubt that the appalling outbursts from Motherwell are bound to excuse and encourage homophobic attacks.The stance of the Catholic Curch has been disgraceful since the Cardinals committed the lunacy of voting Ratzinger into the Papacy.Sadly African Anglican prelates have chosen to follow suit though this may be a means of diverting their congregations away from the utter corruption of their own Governments and which marks their complicity with it.

    Ratzinger and the Curia seem to be embarking on a policy of generating fear of the clergy in Catholic congregations by showing their power to victimise minorities.Benedict’s Papacy will stink through history because of it

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