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MP attacks vicar who called for gays to have health warnings

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  1. Something noteworthy about Mullen; he was once censured by the Church for adultery. I do not know Mullen, or the woman he committed adultery with, but this is in the public domain. Page 194 of Peter Vardy’s The Puzzle of Sex (Fount Paperbacks 1997- Vardy is an ethics lecturer at Heythrop College) refers to Peter Mullen as “An Anglican vicar who resigned for committing adultery with a parishioner” If you look him up in Crockford’s clerical directory, he left a parish in yorkshire in 1989, and did not minister as a priest again until 1997. His resignation would have been obligatory, and he would presumably have been on the Lambeth discipline list for at least 5 years.

    As a hopefully penitent former adulterer, Mr Mullen should show more compassion and less ridicule. If he believes being gay is a sin (i dont) then he should do as Jesus did; I dont recall Jesus ever ridiculing sinners, except of course, religious hypocrites.

  2. Ashok Kumar is a hero.

  3. Well done Mr Kumar and woe to you, aldulterous clergyman; if this was a civilised country you would be stoned for what you did (whoops, forgot this IS a civilised country; darn it we can’t have him stoned!) As to putting tattoos on people to single them out for ridicule, a Certain Mr Hitler tried that one and look wot happened to him!

  4. Christina Engela 23 Oct 2008, 7:00pm

    Well done Mr Kumar – I’m glad of the reference to show that there is a link between an increase in anti-GLBT violence and hate speech immediately prior to it… If only such bigots could face sterner laws and be removed from positions of power which give them the means to inflict this harm on innocent people!

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