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Mandelson “wasted a lot of time” feuding with Gordon Brown

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s wait to see how “unconnected” he is to these Russian billionaires and the dropping of tariffs on steel. the man is sleaze to the core, he simply cannot help himself.

    His German deputy at the EC is currently under investigation, although the usual EU rules are to immune anyone (a la Edith Cresson) from prosecution, aren’t they?

    Who wants a bet he is still in office by the next election?

  2. My theory is that Gordon Brown wants to boost his approval ratings by firing Mandelson again. I’d vote for that.

  3. George Brown didn’t return Mandelson to the top table because he’s a nice guy or because he likes him. Mandelson’s job is being an attack dog, and he’s made a pretty good start on George Osborne. He’s going to be Norman Tebbit to Brown’s Thatcher. If he can curb his addiction to shady rich friends, he may just wreck the Tory front bench enough to pull off a Labour victory next time. But there are lots of ifs.

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