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Life in jail for former Mr Gay UK who killed and ate lover

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Reader comments

  1. Abi Chrisopher 20 Oct 2008, 7:03pm

    Although I find the crime abhorrent I can not help but think the defendant had an extra 15-10 years added onto his sentence for being Gay. Others who have committed similar crimes in the hetro community would of had the chance of realise after 15-20 years.

    Why is it you stand more of a chance of a heavy sentence or losing your case based on your race, sexuality or gender history In a UK courts. It is about time judges and court staff had diversity training.

  2. No, I don’t agree with the above sentiment. The crime was barabric and sickening. I don’t think Morley’s sexuality was a factor in the trial at all. What was a factor was the sick and barbaric nature of the murder. He deserves to spend the rest of his days behind bars. I don’t think a heterosexual would have got a lighter sentence at all. People have to stop whingeing that gays are being discriminated against. Many cry out for “hate crimes” legislation but then complain that the law discriminates against us? We can’t have it both ways.

  3. Abi Christopher… you really are talking a load of toot on this one. The man committed a horrendous crime against his lover, he would have got the same sentence if it had been a woman he did this too, rather than a man, and rightly so. What this person did is off the radar.

  4. This moron deserved a harsh sentence! My God! He is a lunatic; and most probably should be inprisoned in a “police mental ward”. He is NOT sane and needs psychological analysis NOW. No, I would NOT say he should’ve been tried as “guilty by insanity”. No way. He does need a GOOD psychologist. He SHOULD serve a lifetime!

  5. Abi Christopher’s above comment is so ridiculous and is typical of those who use the G word as an excuse for everything that happens to gays. This crime is one of the worst imaginable, committed by someone without remorse. Rot in jail I say!

  6. Fr….Canada may Mr Oilfield rest in peace .Xo

  7. I don’t see this sentence as a homophobically biased one. I think that anyone gay or straight would be up for 30 years if their crime had involved cooking and eating the victim. My only reservation is shouldn’t he be in a psychiatric institution? Eating you victim is a bit of a departure from your run of the mill crime of passion or cold blooded murder. That’s well into the crazy zone. We’re talking Hannibal Lecter tendancies there, regardless of the motive.

  8. Abi Christopher,

    Dear God! “Diversity training” for court staff and judges because they gave a severe sentence to someone who commited a barbaric crime? What planet are you on??? And, how do you know that heterosexuals who kill then eat their victims are treated more leniently: there hasn’t too my knowledge been a plethora of such crimes in the UK recently on which we can make comparisons has there? This said, I have some sympathy with Flapjack’s comments: this crime seems to warrant life in a psychiatric unit: it was an utterly bizarre murder and he turned himself in immediately: he wasn’t planning on repeating it…

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