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Ellen buys airtime to plead for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. ronald Sorenson A.D.D.Poet 21 Oct 2008, 6:18am

    Ellens Truth

    Time in now hate we must negate
    Such a waste all thoughts in haste
    Marriage free for two in love a bond
    Important more open worlds door unite
    Together work economy repair dare
    Judge not or be no need together one we
    Live laugh love ellen degeneres shares
    When seen down deep in good the feel
    Thanks to a lift in dance you give let go
    Believe need we see the soul does not judge
    Thanks in dare take you proof love is true

    A Gift In Marriage, God Bless You Two
    So True Is Everlasting Love

    -Ronald Sorenson
    A.D.D. Poet
    October 22,2008

  2. Chris Lowry 21 Oct 2008, 4:18pm

    I’m so glad to see that both gay and straight celebrities are putting there money where there mouth is on this issue and are speaking out to promote and save same sex marriage!

    I just wish that this happened more often. We are always under threat from people who wish to deny gay people the same rights as everyone else. We as a community should speak out more often and in a more public way like Ellen is doing with her tv ad in the states – how much could we improve attitudes in the UK if we followed there example!?

  3. I wish more people would stand up for equal rights under the law. Prop 8 does NOT affect religious practices or educational laws.
    It seeks to remove rights for certain individuals. I favor equal rights for all . . no more, no less.

  4. The best thing Ellen could do is move her show to Vancouver where marriage is legal and the province is gay-friendly. Wouldn’t that make a statement?? Moving all the $$$ that her show generates to a country that respects human rights? WOW.

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