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Catholic adoption agency’s plan to discriminate rejected

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Reader comments

  1. so to keep charitable status they will twist the law to the fullest extent to avoid dealing fairly with queers – just shows that their driving force is money!!

    It’s interesting that they will allow adoption by single people – not the biblical ideal wot?!!

  2. “It’s interesting that they will allow adoption by single people.”

    …AND gay single people also. But I think they have to be related to the child, an uncle or aunt for example, if the parent(s) has died or maybe in prison or something like that.

  3. ApYrs, the adoption agencies are the victims here. They are caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea: rather strict and unaccommodating legislation on the one hand, and very strict and unaccommodating bishops on the other. If they agree to adopt out children to gay couples, the Catholic Church will shut them down. If they refuse, the courts will shut them down. This is a truly impossible position, and it is hard not to feel desperately sorry for them.

  4. rjb, I disagree. Its a simple equation…. either they can support the law, or they can close. Just because its “tradition” in their organisation to discriminate, doesn’t mean that its acceptable to do so, and even less so when such discrimination breaks the law,. Its no more acceptable that someone in Georgia “owning” a person of colour simply because his ancestor did in the 1800’s.

    And I don’t see this legislation as “strict and unaccommodating”. Why do you persist in backing up religious organisations? This is a common trait for you. Clearly you have some sympathies to these bigoted institutions, which most of us don’t share.

    Let them shut, I say. The days where we need religious organisations to be involved in the welfare of children ended in the time of Dickens.

  5. Will, I agree – let them shut and be replaced by a secular state organisation as soon as possible.

  6. Rob Alexander 21 Oct 2008, 3:48pm

    Well done, Charity Commissioners – and also well done several Catholic LGBT people who wrote to condemn the machinations of the right-wingers in the church. Zero toleration for homophobia!

  7. Chief executive Terry Connor told Catholic newspaper The Universe that local bishops had backed the plans to allow same-sex couples to apply for adoption, but made clear that prejudice remains.

    “I suspect if a same-sex couple arrives at any of the agencies just to test out the system, they will not get very far,” he said.

    Any same sex couple who does apply and gets turned down only has to take this quote from this arrogant, brainless shithead to a solicitor and it’s game over for the agency.

    Well done Mr Connor for making the prosecution case so simple.

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