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Preview: Stephen Fry In America – The Deep South

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  1. MIAMI is NOT the DEEP SOUTH. It’s Northern Cuba. Completely different atmosphere. – Niki from South Carolina

  2. Oh, for crying out loud. Why is it that whenever a Brit needs to feel better, he decides to go look for the most backward, primitive place in the US he can find and take a piss out of people there? I know Mr. Fry couldn’t be as successful at reinventing his career as Mr. Laurie, but why take it out on the Americans?

    Yes, we know we have freaks in the United States, BBC. Thank you for telling us the obvious. Now, about this place you have there named Hammersmith……

  3. Sir, Delta flies both ways, and last I recall, my friends and I didn’t call you here. That said, we have enough courtesy to offer you a whiskey any time you care to have one, not insult you in public, and even feed you a decent breakfast before we put you on the plane. And to think I once respected you. Have a nice day!

  4. Why is that fat sodomite over here anyway? We in the American SouthLand do not need or want his annoying accent or his snide comments. Stay home with your underage rent boys and try to appreciate that we in the South kicked your ass in one war and saved it in 2 others.

  5. Tim from Florida 19 Oct 2008, 12:52pm

    Mr. Fry I hope you enjoy your flight back across the pond to the land of rotting teeth, bland food, and miserable weather. I will continue to stay here in the south enjoying beautiful beaches, great food, and polite southern hospitality. May you choke on your Horlicks.

  6. One must understand that Virginia and West Virginia are not the same place. This fact makes the first sentence in your third paragraph inaccurate — as Fry’s only been in “West Virginia.”

    One would think that at least Pinknews could get it right. . . .¥

  7. Robert Corwin 19 Oct 2008, 2:28pm

    What a nasty, racist, little article. Mr. Fry obviously wrote it before hand and merely filled in a few city names afterwards. Thank you for another tired retread story regarding urban legends and patently wrong elitist fantasies of the American deep South.

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Oct 2008, 2:30pm

    Excuse me Lee451, the U.S. didn’t save our ass in 2 wars, read your history. The U.S. didn’t enter WW1 until 1917, it started in 1914 and ended in 1918. The battle of Britain from July 10, 1940 to October 31, 1940 was the key turning point in air supremacy, long before the U.S. entered into WW2. Had we lost that, you and I would probably be speaking German today. German u-boats were off your northeastern coast long before the Japanese atack on Pearl Harbor. It was the collective efforts of commonwealth allies, resistance workers on mainland Europe and the U.S. that won the war. The U.S. did NOT win WW1 or 2 on its own, its a fallacy and a myth. Furthermore, the Marshall Plan launched by the U.S. was paid back in full with interest by the UK, no other country in Europe did that nor was it acknowledged.

    Tim from Florida….rant all you want, since when have you lived in the UK to make such comments? You seem to base your stereotyping of an entire cultre from perhaps a brief visit or maybe none at all to make such crass statements, something that Mr. Fry has never done about yours. I first visited the U.S., in fact New York as far back as 1978… there wasn’t so great either but has tremendously improved over the past 15-20 years having lived there since then for most of any given year and its now become the number one food capital of America. London has followed suit as the food capital of the UK with many world class restaurants and Michelin stars that aren’t awarded so freely by the French.

    It may interest you to know that according to the American Dental Association, more than 50% of Americans have gum disease as a result of poor oral hygiene and lack of dental care, but I’m not going to make blanket statements and say that all of America is the same way, neither should you about other cultures. If you can’t take constructive criticism without providing any evidence or documentation, then say nothing. There is good and bad in every culture, you should know that by now. Don’t write cultures off because of the personal comments and observations of one person. I for one would NEVER visit Florida, not because of Mr. Fry’s comments but because I’m not going to help any red state’s economy that discriminates against my fellow LGBT friends and allies and that’s not to say that all Floridians are bigots, far from it. Just be careful how you respond to criticism in the future, think before you say something and how others perceive what you say.

    As for our miserable weather…..for your information, Norway is reputed to have the worst weather in Europe, approximately more than 260 days of rain in any year. Maybe you need to take a trip there to broaden your education and horizon.

  9. Robert?, Thank you! I, myself live here in the “Deep South”, in Atlanta, Georgia as a matter of fact. I think that you put Lee451 in his place and rightly so! Not everyone who comes to the USA loves it as much as the people who live here, and they don’t have too. We all have, in every State of the USA, back woods country folks, good folks, just like in the UK. And, they sure don’t call it Hot ‘Lanta for nothing!

  10. I think he was just talking about Miami beach and Florida…and in that case…I think everyone in the rest of the south would agree with him.

  11. I think he was just talking about Miami Beach and Florida, in which case, I think the rest of the South would agree with him. I mean, Florida? yeah, southern in Geography only.

  12. West Virginia and Kentucky are not and never were part of “The South”.

    10 minutes of research on Mr. Fry’s part would have born this out. West Virginia was claimed by the Confederacy, but never seceded, and remained in the USA. Kentucky also never seceded, though an unelected group claimed secession but never had control of the government.

  13. Billy Smithwick 19 Oct 2008, 8:33pm

    Why should I care about what this tub of lard thinks? If you don’t like Florida, stay the hell out of it. Frankly, we’re tired of you blithering, doddering old farts that wander aimlessly along our highways at half the posted speed limit, complain about the food because Denny’s is your idea of a great restaurant, then feel you have to be sanctimonious about how much better things are where you live. Fry is an idiot. If you don’t like it here, leave.

    And Robert, you’re getting just a bit too miffed about the whole thing. I suppose there’s nothing else to do in that backwoods country of England than to write letters to the editor though.

  14. He’s clueless about the nature of the South and mad that the football game was played with an oval ball. And, it probably upset him that the waitresses at Waffle House have better teeth than the British.

  15. Who is this guy and why should I care? Never heard of him.

  16. big yankee 20 Oct 2008, 4:20am

    The south is the dirty sewer of america

  17. Lee451, Robert has put you right thankfully. As he says, air supremacy in WW2 was acquired by the British long before the Yanks eventually got involved. But what really won the war was the persevering relentless night-time carpet-bombing of Germany by the RAF’s Bomber Command. That’s what finally broke the will of the German people. The Yanks only came on board in the latter part of WW2. Clearly, some of you Americans STILL have to learn that the USA is NOT the super-hero of the entire world. The American Dream is now ended, you’ve bled your land dry. It’s time for you to discard your myths and acknowledge facts.

  18. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Oct 2008, 3:17pm

    Billy….so the UK is a “backwoods” (backward) country? Really? What has the U.S. done at the federal level for LGBT people that Britain hasn’t? We’re light years ahead of the U.S. on social issues, among others. We don’t yet have marriage for our gay citizens, but at least our civil partnerships though not marriage, confer ALL of the rights and privileges of marriage at the national (federal) level that civil unions don’t or ever will, and we can adopt children, nor do we have any right wing christo fascist groups pushing for a ban on anything resembling equality. We can also bring in our foreign partners for immigration purposes. Plus, our gay people can serve proudly and openly in the militarym march in uniform in gay pride parades and we have a military that openly recruits gay citizens to enlist. What has the U.S. done exactly? So you still think we’re “backwoods”?

  19. Why this flurry of comments from Americans who all appear not to have properly read this article? It is obvious that someone has posted a quote from this elsewhere which has directed traffic here. Please think and read before you post! OTherwise you come across as looking pretty stupid. The man says he is intrigued and enriched by the American South and has told the British public that they need to appreciate the good things about America more. His series is highlighting many of the positive things about the USA. He likes America and speaks highly of it. So he doesn’t like Miami Beach, so what? Do you expect him to like everything about America? Do you like everything about America? Not even the most enthusiastic American likes everything about their country. It Should be no revelation that the USA has some positives and some negatives. Right now, judging by the comments of the Americans who have posted here, I can see one negative stereotype of Americans being strongly reinforced. However, as a broadminded individual I know that not all Americans are as stupid…

  20. “Stephen Fry was very nearly an American.”

    I’m trying to imagine an American Stephen Fry reading Aeschylus in Greek at the DMV.


  21. Lewis Salem 20 Oct 2008, 6:48pm

    Florida is not “The South.” And North Carolina is not the “Deep South.”

  22. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Oct 2008, 1:55pm

    Tony, exactly! There is NO perfect society, every country has its faults, some more than others. We all have to work on the faults and make things better, no matter where we live.

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