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Police told to avoid arresting people having sex in parks

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 17 Oct 2008, 2:26pm

    George Michael will be thrilled. Personally I think having sex in a park is not a right. The police shouldn’t target people who engage in it but neither should they feel obliged to permit it. Gay people have many venues to meet people for sex. People who cottage or cruise do so for sexual thrills – not due to persecution. Therefore they don’t need to be protected.

  2. re last comnet , as some one who has used crusing areas, you are miss informed . IN rural areas they are the only meeting places for gay people esp older gay men. The nearest gay bar to me is a 2 and a half hour round trip, and is only open one night a week. Also so far s places only be for sexual kicks, arnt gays bars that any way.

  3. David Griff 17 Oct 2008, 6:18pm

    I don’t see why people shouldn’t have sex in parks at a reasonable time of the day. The Police should take a utilitarian approach to this and ask what harm they’re actually doing.

  4. Who determines what tme is ‘reasonable’?

  5. Common sense.

  6. Utilitarian calculations are seldom easy, and it’s usually possible to argue both sides of the coin. As with the prostitution debate, it could be argued that ‘cottaging’ and cruising encourages drug-use and crime, and that it makes public areas unsafe. It also makes gay men more vulnerable to STIs and hate-crimes. I have limited sympathy with men who put themselves at risk in this way, although I don’t particularly think it should be illegal.

  7. Maybe they should tell it to Bedfordshire police. They’ve been running an operation to discourage cruising in Beds now for most of this year. They have also taken to sending letters to keepers of vehicles parked in said cruising areas stating that is an area used for sexual acts and asking if the keeper of the vehicle has any information for them !

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