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I know a dozen gay professional footballers claims retired player

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 17 Oct 2008, 12:59pm

    Good for Paul Elliott for speaking out. It’s a shame that he is working in conjunction with the Equality and Human Rights Commission on this campaign. The EHRC cannot will be suspected of not being seriously opposed to stamping out homophobia in football when one of their commissioners Joel Edwards is a homophobic christian facist.

  2. So what is new here then. It is obvious for some of them that they are gay, and people around them know about it.

  3. So what is new here. It is obvious that some of them are gay and people around them know about it.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Oct 2008, 2:38pm

    Simon, yes…that is certainly a dilemma for the EHRC and I don’t think its going to have any impact of influence in promoting support of of LGB people in football, or any other sort for that matter. Peter Tatchell is right…..straight players are the key to stamping out homophobia more than anything the EHRC can do.

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