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Austrian fascist leader visited gay bar before death crash

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Reader comments

  1. Mr. Haider must have been modelling himself on Ernst Röhm.

  2. We all know Haider was far to the right – but on what precise grounds do you call him a “fascist”? Please tell us!

  3. I have to take issue with your calling him a fascist… he was a (far) right populist, not a fascist. I in no way support his views but let’s call a spade a spade. Calling him a fascist is like calling Labour Gordon Brown a communist.

  4. hmm not sure i can agree with you martin, his attitudes to immigrants and his praise for various Nazi policies make the term fascist semm quite appropriate. what ever the label, haider was obviously not a very nice man judging by his politics, and linked to that his closeted homosexuality. I think it’s particularly vile to be a member of one of the minority groups the nazi’s persecuted and murdered and not to openly admit that, while openly praising the nazis for others reasons, and being openly racist. looks like we can add hypocrisy and self hatred to Haiders racism. Good riddance!

  5. Well said Andy, well said! I am british living in Vienna and this man was a tyrant.

  6. Roehm?..maybe but better-looking,no scars on his face and slimmer.Apparently Haider liked his partners to be young – like younger than 18years.It seems the authorities turned a blind eye to this married man’s gay philanderings.Also Volkswagen are questioning why Haider’s VW Phaeton limousine which was only 6 weeks old came off the road at all.It is one of the safest cars built and should have negotiated this corner easily at that speed.There is a question of sabotage now.

  7. Well, with him being 4 times over the legal limit for alcohol in his blood it doesn’t really matter how safe the car is. If it’s being driven badly by someone who is drunk its safety features are almost worthless.

    He will be missed by may, but not in the way he’d have hoped!

  8. Is there an emerging alliance between gay men and the anti-immigration right in Europe? I do begin to wonder. We are all familiar with the unhappy story of Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands, and the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant tone of some of the discourse within the “gay media” (including this website) suggest that parts of the LGBT community view immigration and immigrants as a threat to ‘liberal’ values.

    I hope I’m imagining this, but I do sense a growing hostility among some gay people to the very values of tolerance and diversity that we used to champion.

  9. Peter Rivendell 17 Oct 2008, 11:08pm

    Why should we show the values of tolerance and diversity to those who openly state they would deny us tolerance and our right to diversity?

  10. absolutely agree with you Peter Rivendell. i would have voted for Haider if i were Austrian. We are all under threat from the spread of extremist Islam in Europe and elsewhere. I have no problem with moderate Muslims at all.

  11. well said Peter Rivendell. I have no problem whatsoever with any moderate Muslim who lives in Europe and respects our values. But we face a great threat from extremist Islam in Europe and elsewhere. I’d have voted for Haider.

  12. Where exactly in the islamic world, is the tolerance of gay people?

    We have imams openly advocating murdering us in this country.

    The dangerous alliance is between the far Left, who continuely appease this hatred, and radical islam.

  13. Who is it that said, “The only thing intolerable is intolerance.”?
    That said, the man had Nazi sympathies, was a philanderer, liar and borderline pederast (I know, every one has different ideas about what is too young). Oh, that and he was a hypocrite and a deterrent to the very life style he secretly embraced.
    The only ones that should miss him should be the underage tricks he surrounded himself with. I hope that they got paid well.

  14. Here we are again, yet another tragic example of Freud’s Homophobia theory in motion. It’s so much easier for some closet cases to lash out at other openly gay people than to come to terms with their own gay tendencies.
    Homophobes need to take a good long look at themselves first and ask themselves what the issue REALLY is.

  15. Bill Perdue 24 Oct 2008, 12:07am

    Martin asks “We all know Haider was far to the right – but on what precise grounds do you call him a “fascist”? Please tell us!”

    He’s a fascist because he’s an islamophobe.

    The good news is that he’s dead, but the bad news is that he wasn’t executed by an international war crimes tribunal as a Nazi, an islamophobe and a promoter of mass murder.

    In today’s political climate racist islamophobes do the dirty work for Haliburton, BP and Texaco by providing a racist justification for their genocidal oil piracy in Iraq. Just as anti-Semites like the Cliveden Set provided cover for Hitler’s aggression.

    Nazi and islamophobe describe many of the same people. They took their gun sights off Jews, who have no oil, and retargeted on Muslims, who do. Just as Haider did.

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