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Northern Ireland

Ian Paisley contradicted over gay funding grants

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 16 Oct 2008, 4:18pm

    People in the media seem obsessed by the danger posed by muslim extremists. People in Northern Ireland are governed by the christian extremists of the DUP. Yet no-one in the UK seems concerned about the grave danger posed to gays and women of the fundamentalist ruling party. In fact Gordon Brown is even willing to do deals with these extremists to pass unpopular legislation

  2. Mirjam Bader 16 Oct 2008, 6:34pm

    As a member of the LGB Steering Group responsible for managing this funding I know for certain that Ian Paisley lied about not signing the document. Although the release of the remainder of the funding was clearly a formality, it was in the power of the Assembly to delay this funding or review the decision to provide this funding.
    Furthermore, at an event that The Rainbow Project held at Stormont in June in the wake of the homophobic comments by Iris Robinson, a statement was read out by the SF Junior Minister (OFMDFM) on the need to include all Section 75 Equality Groups, including Sexual Orientation, in the new Good Relations Strategy. No statements can be issued by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister without agreement of both DUP and SF.

    It would seem that the DUP not always practices what it preaches to its supporters. Common sense and decency (Christianity?) sometimes seems to prevail.

  3. Yet another example of how these ‘devout Christians’ can totally ignore Christ’s command to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s…..”, when doing so exposes with their narrow-minded bigotry.
    Paisley has made a successful career out of twisting, bending and, yes, even breaking, the truth …. wasn’t that a ‘nice’ way to call him for what he is – a liar!!!!!

  4. In 1972, the year when the sectarian killings in Northern Ireland reached their peak, Paisley described homosexuality as the greatest threat to society in the Province.

    This is what religion does to people’s minds.

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