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Gay venues move out of the West end due to high rents

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Reader comments

  1. i’m not sure it is a good thing if the gay scene in London becomes more spread out across the city, as it tends to mean that it becomes more polarised, with different “types” socialising on different scenes. i think westminister needs to be careful, if it wants to keep the very lucrative and comparatively trouble free gay nightlife in Soho, a lot of the good clubs and weekend bars are in vauxhall now, and the “alternative” scene is around Hoxton, it’ll be a real loss for central London if Soho just becomes straighter and straighter, and another sanitized covent garden type area. Anbd the great thing about Soho is it’s in the middle of the city for gays who live east/west/north/south it’s equi-distant, and for tourists very easy to find and far easier to get home from than the southern or eastern fringes…Can’t really see that this is a good thing!