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Brazilian Mayoral candidate sparks controversy with homophobic ad

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Reader comments

  1. Considering what the rest of the article says, theres got to be more to it than that. Some insinuation or something that isn’t being put across in words. Saying “Is he married? Does he have children?” could simply be her trying to define herself as an experienced “family type” woman running against a male opponent.
    I is confused.

  2. Whether homophobic or not, I always hate that kind of “I got hitched and procreated my brains out, therefore I’m automatically better than anyone that didn’t” style of electioneering that seems to go unchallenged around the world. I can’t help thinking,”So what? does that mean you know how to balance the economy, provide healthcare and police the streets etc.” What politicians do outside office hours is supremely irrelevant to me as long as it’s legal. If you think raising a family makes you a better politician, I’ve got two words for you… Sarah Palin. ‘Nuff said.

  3. I agree with flapjack that reproducing proves nothing about a politicians worth, but when most voters are straight with kids, this kind of tactic has some resonance with them, Sarah Palin comes to mind. But although i think this approach is crass, it doesn’t mean the woman is homophobic. And seeing as she has in the past supported gay rights, it’s seems like an over-reaction to start crying homophobia! there are enough homophobic politicians out there, without the gay community insulting the ones that support us.

  4. But… gay people can have children and are often married (or at least consider themselves to be married, if their union is not legally recognised). So what’s all the fuss about?

    Yes, the requirement by the majority of society that we all commit to monogamous relationships and procreate is ridiculous. Hello, we’re not anywhere near the brink of extinction, and not everyone – including many straight parents – actually LIKE children, let alone monogamy. So why waste time and money committing to the capitalist dream?

  5. I was on the AMAM float in the 2005 São Paulo Pride. AMAM is a lesbian group. Marta came on board our float and stayed for about an hour, she was open and friendly with all of us. She’s a sexologist by profession. I doubt very much whether she’s homophobic in the slightest. Whether Kassab is gay, no idea but my Brazilian cousin (also gay) has heard rumours he may be.

  6. For the record, I really wasn’t saying I support the notion that using the “I’m a family type” card is a worthwhile or creadible way of winning votes (though I’ve yet to see a politician who hasn’t used it – especially with photos) I mean, I could easily say I’m a working class type who’s worked hard for a living in the hopes of winning votes but the truth is it’ll only affect people who think thats important. Some will vote for me on that, some specifically wont, and a lot won’t care. Like Andy I think the statement is dubious grounds to suddenly call someone who has a record of supporting us an all out homophobe.

  7. paul richard rowlatt 21 Oct 2008, 5:26pm

    This seems to have been a huge political gaffe to say the least as Marta is known for supporting gay rights and even marriage.
    Could also have been desperation as she is behind him in the polls.Whatever reason she deserves to loose this time

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