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Malawi paper claims gay group will meet with country’s President

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  1. I am impressed tohear that people can say it is natural to be gay. It never crossed my mind that people can claim this to be natural. This is a psychological disorder not natural. Please, do yourself justice and stop cheating innocent people that to be gay is natural. Where was this research about the so inflated number and statistics about membership of the gay community carried out. We maintain that we are a God fearing nation as malawi. You like this or not, you better equally come into terms with the fact and divine fact for that matter that Malawi is a God fearing nation and Him alone watches over this country as the mountains surround Jerusalem. Malawi has had enough curses and enough is enough. It is not good that we distroy our country any further.

    If the group really plans to meet the president, it is my hope that they are meeting him not to discuss anything about gay(ism) or whatever it is called, but to talk about how Malawi would continue being a God (Yahwe) fearing nation, PERIOD.

  2. now what is bananaba doing cruising gay sites? Curious? Attracted?

    One of the worst legacies of Empire is how we’ve plante evangelical Xianity into Africa and elsewhere, where it has been swallowed and turned into the same sort of power structure that the “old” ways had.

    They preach hate against LGBT (however they mask it) while demanding money, tolerance, and special consideration

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