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George Michael cut from Brits following drug arrest

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Reader comments

  1. the guy should be judged on his music in this case, not his drug taking. If every one in the music industry was dropped because of drug taking, no one would be at brits.

  2. He might be a nob as far as the drugs are concerned but that doesn’t deminish the quality of his music. Give him the award.

  3. If this is true and he has been dropped, one can only wonder if they think all the other musicians in British Music must be total strangers to drugs, somehow that doesn’t seem entirely likely does it? Makes no sense at all to drop one of the greatest talents Britian has produced for that reason, none at all.

  4. I love George, no one can surpass him musically in my opinion. While I do see what the above posters are saying-that the award is based on musical accomplishments, not what he does on his own time- I am hoping that maybe this will be a wake up call. I think he needs something “big” to capture his attention and perhaps make him realize he needs to quit the drugs. And the best way is through his passion, music.

  5. OK, so if I understand this correctly, I take it this is the way its going to be from now on??? A person will be JUDGED (if its TRUE or not) by their personal life instead of by their professional career??? Well then, its going to be very unfortunate and sad that all of the award shows will be canceled….based on this new decision…their won’t be anyone alive to deserve an award…????? DO I HAVE THAT RIGHT????…..


  7. I agree – how can they do this and then give out tons of award to Any Winehouse. At least George does it in his own private time and not on stage. He is always professional and fantastic live.

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