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Gay marriage supporters attack Proposition 102 campaign

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Reader comments

  1. Gino Meriano 13 Oct 2008, 4:29pm

    As a gay rights campaigner for same sex couples and legal rights, this is not the way forward for change. We shoudl work together to repair this damage it will only encourage voters away from say NO to proposition 102

  2. Although I agree this is not the way to go, it is less violent than what Prop 102 is trying to do. Attacking the civil rights of citizens is blatantly anti-American and as US Patriots we need to do everything in our power to protect the country from such harm!

  3. The haters have greater resources to spread their bile. They use messages to reduce our sexuality to sodomy away from relationships and love and sexual expression and pleasure and the families that we form. They dehumanise us. It is not the removal of our fundamental rights but the removal of their right to deny us them. Anything that points out that this all stems from hate sounds like a good idea in my book. More power to our spray cans.

  4. Mark Forister 29 Oct 2008, 11:19pm

    Traditional marriages in the USA as depicted by Prop 102 end in divorce at the rate of 50% of 1st , 67% of 2nd, and 74% of 3rd marriages as sourced from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Answer this, how can Prop 102 preserve traditional marriages by writing blatant discrimination into out state constitution, it can’t.

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