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Preview: Stephen Fry In America – The New World

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  1. …and bored us to death……
    This is such me me me tv & even then it’s pretty thin on the ground.
    It’s just so badly thought out – half hearted, tedious. It coincides with two other ‘Hi its me and im traveling freely in the world’ programmes – Charlie Boreman in By Any Means and Paul Merton in India. Well Charlie is hunky but a bit of an over grown boy – could anyone else have reduced a trip around the world to a series prepubecent shrills about transport vehicles ? I was hoping Steven would lift us out of this baseness – but no not all. He appears on the verge of a depression, only half engaging with a scattergun selection of some of the most tedious articles you would care to mention. Both Paul Merton and Steven Fry don’t really translate well out of their familiar territory, where Charlie B does have charm – however Pauls antics in India have so far proved fabulous and we’ve only had one episode – but again it’s more India and her people who are the true stars rather than drole suburban Paul.

  2. Brian Burton 13 Apr 2009, 3:49pm

    My Partner and I were totally enthralled by Steven Fry in America. I was sad when it came to an end. I would rather see the USA on TV than actually visit that strange but beautiful Country. Kennedy–Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country.

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