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Victory for Christians as McDonald’s gives in over gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. No one should eat their food anyway. Its bad for health.
    Let’s them go away.

  2. this is an unfortunate decision. AFA is a thoroughly nasty self-righteous gang who have now claimed another scalp.

    Perhaps if any gay people who use McD’s would boycott tehm, and maybe tell them why?!

    And how safe can gay employees feel now…..

  3. here in the UK e have a supposedly war on terror. A reglion here wants to change our state, take away our human rights and choice. Can any one on here explain to me the difference between this and what is happening as stated in this article in the US? As I can see no difference.

  4. The Vicars Tart 10 Oct 2008, 9:16am

    Oh well, there goes the foreskin burgers from the junk food diet!
    But really? are we surprised at McDonalds giving in to such crap psuedo politics – I say pseudo because it is simply a hate driven homophobic exercise by the extreme right wingers hiding behind the alter cloths of christianity instead of a Nazi flag.
    MND… And yes, I am qualified to say that..

  5. As disappointed as I am with McDonalds, to give them credit at least they held out for longer than Heinz did and how neutral they stay in this culture war remains to be seen. However I still think it’s cowardly for a huge company with branches all over the world to cave in to a hardcore of religous bigots in the USA as it paves the way for them to take on much smaller companies and win.

  6. They shouldn’t be allowed to have the word ‘family’ in their title when they are spouting about fighting a ‘culture war’! Nice values!

  7. Religion – religion : I will never understand the huge amount of hate they are promoting.
    If it is not Slavery it is Blacks.
    TODAY religions are dangerous – by “translation” – the world let them to pick and chose and “crucify” any group they want.
    It is SICK

  8. Edward in Los Angeles 10 Oct 2008, 12:35pm

    It’s not restaurants, even corporate behemoths, that dictate gay rights. It’s the Constitution of the United States. Why do you think so many Republicans want to chisel away at the Constitution? Because it’s a thorn in their side when it comes to their agenda of denying people equal rights. The Constitution will always prevail in a court of law and slowly but surely, gay people will gain equal rights as INTERPRETED by the Constitution – not by McDonald’s. The constitution, in my opinion, is our best friend and staunchest ally. It’s a glorious document. And while I’m on the subject of allies, let’s remember too that it’s not always the religious right that work against equal rights. The Supreme Court judge, Chief Justice Ronald M. George, who gave the majority opinion on gay marriages in California is a moderate Republican – yet one of the female justices who dissented in the ruling…is a lesbian. Perhaps she’s a Big Mac-aholic?

  9. Simon Murphy 10 Oct 2008, 1:06pm

    Good news. It doesn’t do the gay cause any good to be associated with promoters of obesity and poor health like McDonalds. No-one should eat the rubbish they make (apart from ‘christians’ of course)

  10. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 10 Oct 2008, 7:37pm

    As I made prayers this beautiful A.M, A vision came to me.
    A day of reckoning is on it’s way, laying bare the true colors
    of so called (christians???)hiding behind their version of the
    bible, teaching, preaching hate.
    Thank you McDonalds for your support in knowing “Gay Rights, is Rights
    for all.” Not that long ago these same hate mongers would have
    done the same,should “the golden arches” have stepped “UP” in any
    way for the rights/freedom fight for blacks.
    My prayer/hope the golden arches will reconsiderand refuse.
    May We All Walk in Beauty
    Mary Flying Eagle Ray

  11. today i had lunch in one of their restaurants. Last time, full stop. If only all gays and lesbians acted like i do…

  12. They “only” have 3.5 mio members?? That’s the problem with us – we need to be better organized. 3.5 mio would be so easy to top! We couldn’t just threaten companies that are attacked by the AFA but maybe also those that are currently misbehaving and get them to be nicer to us.
    I can dream, can’t I…?
    Then again, it only shows again: those AFA folks have way too much time on their hands for engaging in such an outlet that apperently is able to distract them from their personal, screwed-up lives. Why else would you have such hate?

  13. McDonalds Restraunts Ltd
    11-59 High Road
    East Finchley
    N2 8AW

    To whom it may concern,

    I read with horror the news that you have bowed to the American Family Association ( an organisation that seeks to maintain the traditional hatred society has demonstrated towards homosexual men and women.

    Every day we hear of more gay people being murdered just for being gay. We also hear of self-harm inflicted by vulnerable people as a result of just this sort of hate ministry, so I am disappointed that you as a corporation are so publicly indifferent to our fate.

    As a gay man, I have personally lived through years of persecution, and your decision has given my persecutors more ammunition and enabled them to justify their continued persecution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

    I am not looking for special rights, but I feel I have the right to life and consequently feel threatened by organisations such as the American Family Association, whose stated aim is my relegation to a second class citizen. The logical conclusion of such fascism is the gas chamber, which has happened to us before.

    Therefore, since you have condoned the American Family Association’s despicable attack on my liberty by withdrawing from the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, I can no longer buy your food.

    Yours truly,

  14. john wilfred sharp 11 Oct 2008, 11:20am

    this kind of food should not be eaten i any given quantity any how.
    let the Christians stuff their kids with it and make them OBESE.
    then they can pray for them .religions is greasy and stinks .
    Bon appetit

  15. Actually Edward in Los angeles makes a salient point – since when did the postmodern condition decree that we all have to hold corporations up as our moral guardians? The law of economics is a moral vacuum, where money is the bottom line. So long as McDonalds is not actively engaged in homophobic policies or rhetoric their opinion on gay rights should be as irrelevent as my opinion on quantum physics.
    It’s only because we’re suckered in by the supposed ethos of companies who marry their product to an unrelated world issue as Benetton famously did with its “United Colours” campain that this kind of lobbying and power politics takes place. After all, what has burger preference got to do with gay rights or lack thereof?
    McDonalds should leave the politics to the politicians and the public should vote with their feet if you don’t like the burgers, that would be the best way of preventing this kind of fiasco.

  16. Move over Heinz, looks like you’ve got a new bedmate!

  17. Bill Perdue 12 Oct 2008, 4:25pm


  18. The AFA will definitely come up in the Gay Rights module of the 2048-’49 AS History course. And they won’t be treated with the weird quasi-respect they seem to be getting right now. The horrible phrase “[however many million people] can’t be wrong” is being used to threaten and restrict people outside the cushy boundaries of hardline religious zealotry, and it’s bloody scary.

  19. Vo Dong Cung 13 Oct 2008, 2:04am

    Most of Christian don’t know about the crime inside the Tops of Roman Catholic so they think none are good but only themself. Why don’t we caryy to the public the picture of Pope John XXIII with fyll describe the way of his life.

  20. as the recession bies the rednecks will be squeezed and stop eating out so much.

    Then McD’s will want the young gay crowd, and may even try to encourage them. Let’s hope no-one’s fooled.

  21. The USA was founded on the TEN COMMANDMENTS and Christian Bible! I am so glad that WE as CHRISTIANS are not being silent! I will continue to boycott any business that defaces the value of a family according to God.

  22. Newsflash, fundie trolls – the US was definitely not founded on the ten commandments or the Christian bible. It even says so flat out in a treaty signed by John Adams – “The United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” Is that clear enough, or do we need to get out the flashcards and finger puppets? Now back to the prayer closet with you. Piper Laurie’s waiting.

    As for the boycott, I’ll wait and see what Mickey D’s has to say about it. The wingnuts at AFA have a history of claiming imaginary victories. (Remind us again how your little jihad against Disney went again, AFA… ha ha ha ha ha.) Considering their track record maybe they should stick to more productive things, like praying for rain on Obama’s inauguration.

  23. Berkley – “…Defaces the value of a family according to God”? WTF? If I interpret you correctly you are suggesting that gay people have vandalised a concept according to an entity who hasn’t been proven to exist.
    Let me put it to you this way… you’re still free to have a family in the narrow perameters within which you define it, I won’t attempt to turn you or your wife or your son or your daughter gay. That is the big fundie myth. What I choose to do with my life is none of your business, and invoking God, Santa or the Easter Bunny to back up your lame arguments won’t wash here. Show me evidence for the existance of god first, then we can talk about whether I listen to the despotic tyrant on high described in the Old Testament. As for what the USA was founded on, you may want to do some reasearch into Thomas Jefferson. The USA is NOT constitutionally founded on any religion.

  24. Berkley?
    “There is probably no God,now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” Or in other words, get a grip!

  25. it doesnt matter if you are gay or not religion is stupid. it just shows how people or more obbesed about themselves then there kids that eat it. obesity is not going to solve anything. there are much more bigger problems going on. you big idoits!!!!!

  26. encourage your homophobic christians to go to McDips–ts. Tell them they have won………..

    The battle to see who gets to poison themselves.

  27. CRIMINALISATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY!!! Yes thats what the AFA believe in. How could ANY company or individual,with an ounce of common sence, possibly deal or even listen to an organisation spouting such backward,homophobic beliefs? Shame on McD for bowing to these thugs! Just ripped up my McD discount vouchers!! McBoycott indeed!

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