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Children of lesbians ‘at risk’ due to prolific sperm donors

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Reader comments

  1. For goodness sake – lets lesbians access fertility treatment!

  2. Mark Castle 11 Oct 2008, 1:53pm

    The information presented suggests that the multiple recipients or the second party intermediary (acting clinician) are aware of the single donors and either issues of convenience and/or lack of appreciation for potential problems with recombining the DNA in successive generations have allowed the problem to develop.

    The problem can be solved by finding and seducing a suitable donor from the general population for the purposes of impregnation. That is a faster way to the maternity ward, and the DNA problems are then moot. Another solution is to personally pay for the procedure at private clinic with a broad donor base. In a clinic situation however, what you don’t see may be what you get. There have been cases of unscrupulous persons substituting their own DNA for multiple donors in the clinic’s donor specimen bank.

    It is odd that the concern voiced is over the notion of incest. Aside from the potentially real DNA issues, the concerns over incest are socially based much like homophobia. It is doubtful that ancestral bands of hominids concerned themselves about such things.

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