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Former Mr Gay UK stabbed victim 30 times then sliced off flesh court told

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  1. Why are so many cannibalistic killers gay men? I am simply curious to know. I can’t offhand think of any heterosexual cannibals of recent times, but I could call to mind a handful of homosexual men who have enjoyed the ultimate intimacy of eating their lovers’ flesh. Is it primarily sexual? Is it because cooking (of any kind) is not considered a sufficiently masculine pursuit for your heterosexual murderer?

  2. Pure BS! Most recent cases of cannibalism involved straight men.

  3. David Griff 10 Oct 2008, 4:05pm

    Feel sorry for the defence barrister…he’s going to have to argue that the defendant is not quite sane enough to be a murder but not so insane he should be found innocent and be detained at her majestys pleasure.

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