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Russia may permit first gay march 500km from Moscow

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Reader comments

  1. Law? What law Russia has no law. it is a place where the powerful do exactly what they like regardless of any law. This is a country where the best advice you can give any gay person is get out as fast as you can if you can.

  2. I want all best to brave gay activists in clerofascist Russia!

  3. Tom in Houston 10 Oct 2008, 3:42am

    The police just shut down the picket. Using the threat of violence as the reason. I’ve just sent a couple of emails to the Orthodox Church in America asking for their comments on this travesty. For Americans, the email address is In the United Kingdom, the email address is for the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia: Diocese of Great Britian and Ireland. Please send them a note asking them to condemn the excuse of Orthodox inspired violence to shut down freedom of speech, petition, and assembly for Gay Russians.

    Here’s and example of an email to OCA.

    It is with deep disgust, but without much surprise, that the Gay Rights Picket in Tambov has had its’ protest permit revoked. Apparently, the authorities in Tambov felt they couldn’t protect four Gay Russians holding signs protesting Anti-Gay bigotry. Please note that my brothers are WILLING to go forward without police protection. Are your Orthodox brothers so violent that that even a police force can’t protect four Gay people holding signs from them? I did not note any condemnation of potential violence by the Russian Orthodox Church (after my prior email to you yesterday asking for that condemnation) nor any call for freedom of expression, assembly and speech. It appears to me that the Orthodox solution to violence against Gays is to profit from the unpunished THREAT of said violence to stifle opposing views. And it reflects extremely poorly on worldwide Orthodoxy.

    As a reminder, you were sent yesterday the following link showing just ONE example of Orthodox inspired (if not allied) violence against Gay people in Russia (

    I wrote to you yesterday asking you to intercede with your Orthodox brothers in Moscow to stop the violence being conducted in the name of Worldwide Orthodoxy. And also to not profit from prior Orthodox violence against Gays to get the event stopped.

    Unfortunately, Alexi II appears to be profiting (by the cancellation of a Gay rights protest) as a result of prior Orthodox inspired violence against defenseless Gay rights supporters in Russia. It is a very sad day for Christianity and an even sadder one for the Orthodox Communion.

    The complete and total (and illegal – even under the Russian Constitution) denial of freedom of speech, assembly, and petition to LGBT Russians has been advocated by Alexi II in his speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

    I would like the OCA to comment publically on this denial of freedom of speech, assembly, and petition by Gay rights protestors (that specifically addresses the comments made by Alexi II in Strasbourg). I would additionally like for the OCA to comment publically on prior Orthodox inspired violence (with an emphasis on the behavior of Orthodox allied and chartered groups such as the Union of Orthodox Ganfoliers).

    Will the OCA specifically call for the freedom of Gay people to assemble, petition, and have free speech on the streets of Russia? You might as well prepare a response on this, as it will be asked of you repeatedly in the future.

    I look forward to your specific response. I would also appreciate it if you could get the OCA press office involved with a response.

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