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McCain ignores gay adoption in letter to campaigners

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Reader comments

  1. he’ll probably only get the votes of “log cabin” gays anyway.

    His party has even less to offer LGBT people than the Dems, and they’re not exactly our best friends!!

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Oct 2008, 1:38pm

    apYrs, yes, correct. Log Cabin conservative gay republicans don’t consider equality their number one issue. The economy, paying lower taxes or finding tax loopholes, private health insurance and the preservation of the status quo are their top priorities, always has been, always will be. Sound familiar? The majority in the republican party don’t believe in full equality for LGBT people, never have, never will. Their mantra is, hooray for me and to hell with you!

  3. Whats worst is the McCain/Palin banner being advertised on this web site! I hope they at least paid a pretty penny for it! Its surprising these two hippacrits have even concidered advertising on here!

  4. I am so diappointed he had my vote until now

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